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In today’s increasingly digital world, an online presence is no longer optional for businesses – it’s imperative. Yet many Macon area companies struggle with digital marketing, unsure of where to start and what strategies to follow.

That’s where Amadeus Consulting comes in!

As a full-service digital marketing agency based in Macon, GA, we become your dedicated digital marketing partner. For over 15 years, Amadeus Consulting has provided custom digital marketing solutions that deliver real, tangible results for all types and sizes of local businesses across Middle Georgia.

Our comprehensive services address every aspect of online marketing, allowing us to strategically elevate your brand and connect with more of your ideal customers. When you work with Amadeus Consulting, you can leverage the professional skills of our talented team as well as the latest marketing tools and technologies. We keep your campaigns optimized while also providing the reporting and analytics to demonstrate clear ROI.

Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing Matters for Macon Businesses?

As consumer behavior continues shifting online rapidly, a well-rounded digital marketing strategy is no longer optional for success. Local customers now use the internet to research products/services, read reviews, find contact info, and connect with businesses. Without an online presence and digital marketing, you miss out on millions of potential customers right in your backyard.

An effective digital approach serves multiple strategic purposes:

Reaching Your Target Audiences Where They’re At

8 out of 10 consumers use search engines like Google to start their buying journey. Digital marketing allows you to appear on search engines and social platforms where your audience is actively searching and ready to purchase. Through paid ads and search engine optimization, we help you get discovered by the right people at the right time.

Driving More Qualified Leads and Sales

Great marketing doesn’t just drive general awareness – its purpose is to convert interest into measurable actions like phone calls, emails, and sales. Our data-backed campaigns help you capture more quality leads and increase bottom-line revenue, outperforming traditional marketing.

Rising Above the Competition

Standing out is important, especially for hyperlocal markets jam-packed with competitors. Our marketing establishes your brand as an authority that prospects can trust. And our comprehensive keyword research keeps your messaging and offers aligned with the terms potential customers use when searching for businesses like yours.

Adapting to Changing Consumer Habits After COVID

The events of 2020 significantly accelerated the adoption of digital services from shopping to food delivery and more. Businesses that shifted budgets to digital not only survived but saw substantial growth in their sales. Our team customizes data-driven digital marketing strategies to find and engage post-COVID consumers where they are spending time and money.

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Don’t Lose Business to Competitors

Get Ready to Convert Visitors into Customers.

With over 20 years of experience, our SEO consultants wouldn’t just help you to dominate your competitors on search engines, but will also use our unique and proven SEO strategy to turn your website visitors into customers.

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Full Suite of Digital Marketing Services for Every Need!

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach or just push a single channel like SEO. Instead, Amadeus Consulting offers every digital capability required for today’s multi-channel environment. Our comprehensive services allow us to drive more qualified traffic to your site and physical location:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As the top channel driving visits and leads, search engine optimization is the foundation of digital marketing success. Through ongoing keyword research and website optimization, we ensure you consistently appear at the top of Google search results for terms potential customers use to find businesses offering your products and services in the Macon area.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC ads allow you to capture that prime real estate at the very top of Google alongside organic results. For short and long-tail keyword phrases, our PPC specialists test ads, develop high-converting landing pages, and apply robust bidding strategies across the Google Search Network. So you turn more of your website traffic into sales through immediate paid results.

Social Media Marketing

9o% of marketers agree that social media is critical for business exposure and increased sales. Our team manages and optimizes your presence on top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, etc. Leveraging eye-catching imagery, video content, promotions and influencer partnerships, we build an audience that engages with your brand and drives website traffic!

Reputation Management

With 97% of customers reading online reviews before buying, monitoring and building positive sentiment is crucial. We combine review generation campaigns with real-time review collection software to showcase your reputation. To combat false or malicious posts, we apply swift responses grounded in facts.

Email Marketing

When done right, email boasts the highest ROI of any marketing channel with $36 generated for every $1 spent. We first focus on list-building with compelling offers driving lead sign-ups. For sending targeted and personalized campaigns, we use the latest automation tools like HubSpot to schedule and track results.

Website Design & Development

Your website is the hub bringing everything together – driving traffic from other channels into one place to capture leads and sales. Based on in-depth buyer research, our creative team builds high-converting custom sites focused on user experience and search engine visibility. For maximum performance, updates, and security, we utilize the optimal CMS platforms and leading web hosts.

Content Creation & Marketing

Consistently publishing relevant, valuable content that brings in traffic and drives conversions is challenging yet imperative. Our talented content marketing team draws upon the latest search trends and proven formats like blog articles, videos, whitepapers, case studies, and more, optimized for on-page SEO and promotion across digital channels.

Amazon Marketing

With consumers increasingly starting product searches directly on Amazon, a presence on the platform is vital for retailers. Amadeus Consulting helps you get discovered by more buyers with Amazon Sponsored ads, optimized Amazon stores, achieving Prime eligibility, managing product listings/reviews, and more.

Web Hosting Solutions

All our sites include web hosting plans providing the speed, storage resources, and reliability to handle your platform’s needs. We utilize industry leaders like WP Engine, Bluehost, and more to give you rock-solid uptime with protection against hackers, malware, and spam. Automated daily backups provide added peace of mind.

Why Amadeus Consulting Should Become Your Marketing Partner

If you feel confused tackling digital marketing yourself or have worked with other agencies failing to move the revenue needle – don’t fret. The depth and breadth of skills and experience our team brings to the table set Amadeus Consulting apart as the ideal marketing partner for Macon area businesses ready to turn up the heat online.

Our dedicated account manager becomes the true extension of your team, taking the time to thoroughly understand your business, target audiences, and goals before deploying custom-tailored strategies designed to achieve your definition of digital marketing success.

We Sweat the Marketing Details So You Can Focus on Operations

As a business owner or executive, your plate stays full handling daily operations, HR, inventory, and supply chain challenges without also overseeing digital marketing campaigns across multiple platforms. When Amadeus Consulting becomes your outsourced marketing department, you tap into skills beyond what any single in-house hire realistically brings to the table.

Cutting-Edge Tools + Proven Strategies = Optimal Results

The platforms grow more complex, the competition more fierce. Amadeus Consulting constantly experiments with cutting-edge tactics while sticking to foundational marketing strategies scientifically proven to grow brand awareness, website traffic, leads, and sales over the long haul. With every client, we pull from an ever-expanding playbook combining the best of new and old.

Granular Reporting = Complete Visibility

Wondering if your campaigns hit their targets or moved the revenue needle at all?

We provide granular reporting and analytics tied to clear monthly goals showing campaign-by-campaign performance across the key conversion metrics you care about most – phone calls, form fills, live chats, foot traffic, and sales.

Swift Optimization When Needs Shift

Customer preferences, economic conditions, and Google algorithms perpetually shift. When new challenges or opportunities emerge, our agile team moves quickly to re-align your campaigns, messages, and offers accordingly, keeping your digital marketing results climbing regardless of outside forces.

No Long-Term Contracts + Clear ROI Focus

Unlike some agencies locking you into yearly contracts regardless of tangible impact, Amadeus Consulting has nothing to hide. Our month-to-month agreements let results speak for themselves, aligning incentives around driving clear ROI vs. billed hours. We only succeed when your campaigns achieve the KPIs we established together.

The Dangers of DIY and Freelancer Marketing

Given the drive to minimize expenses, we understand the temptation many business owners face to tackle digital marketing in-house or hiring budget freelancers. Yet this penny-wise, pound-foolish path often fails to deliver:

Lacking Skill Sets

From technical SEO to paid social media creative to marketing automation, effectively overseeing a modern multi-channel digital strategy requires an expansive, demanding skill set single hires rarely possess. Instead you get piecemeal efforts never amounting to more than the sum of their parts.

Insufficient Time

You may have a smart employee or VA when it comes to marketing tactics but do they have 20+ dedicated hours per week to combine planning with testing and optimizing campaigns?

Unlike Amadeus Consulting specialists focused 100% on marketing execution for clients, in-house teams constantly face distraction from competing priorities.

Minimal Tools/Resources

Robust marketing technology does not come cheap, with platforms like SEMRush, HubSpot and Call Tracking costing thousands per year. Solo freelancers rarely make these high-level tools investments central to orchestrating and enhancing modern campaigns.

Slow Response Times

When Google changes its algorithm or you get hit with a negative review, delayed reactions can severely impact organic traffic and sales. Only having someone dabbling in marketing as a side hustle often means critical issues go unaddressed for weeks or longer. The Amadeus Consulting team is obsessed with immediate optimization.

At Amadeus Consulting, our full-time marketing specialists devote their energy solely to driving client results leveraging the latest tools and proven best practices. No juggling competing priorities that leave your digital presence unchanged and your brand left behind competitors capturing customers across Middle Georgia.

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