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Want to drive more traffic, leads, and sales from Google for your BigCommerce store? You need an experienced BigCommerce SEO agency on your side.

At Mindflow Marketing, we are ecommerce experts who deliver proven BigCommerce SEO strategies to help brands rank higher, convert visitors into customers, and accelerate growth. Unlike other agencies, our data-driven approach is tailored specifically for BigCommerce stores to maximize your investment.

Zack | Business Owner

Zack | Business Owner

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Rank Higher and Drive More Sales with Our BigCommerce SEO Services

Our SEO specialists follow proven SEO best practices tailored for Bigcommerce stores to help you rank higher in search engines like Google by leveraging built-in SEO features of the BigCommerce CMS platform. As a leading bigcommerce SEO services agency, we make your online store highly visible through our monthly SEO efforts. We optimize your Bigcommerce website using the latest SEO tools and strategies.

Work with our experienced bigcommerce SEO professionals to drive more qualified traffic, leads, and sales with our award-winning bigcommerce SEO packages!

Contact us for a free bigcommerce SEO audit and let our experts create a customized SEO plan to rank your ecommerce business at the top of search results.

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Don’t Lose Business to Competitors

Get Ready to Convert Visitors into Customers.

With over 20 years of experience, our SEO consultants wouldn’t just help you to dominate your competitors on search engines, but will also use our unique and proven SEO strategy to turn your website visitors into customers.

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How SEO Services for BigCommerce Impact Businesses?

For ecommerce stores, SEO is non-negotiable.

44% of people start their online shopping with a search engine query. If your BigCommerce store doesn’t rank well, you’re missing out on millions of potential customers and revenue.

With our BigCommerce SEO services, you’ll:

  • Gain more organic visibility and website traffic
  • Lower your cost per acquisition
  • Build authority and trust for your brand
  • Outperform competitors in the SERPs
  • Generate more high-intent leads and sales

Hence, Optimizing your BigCommerce SEO leads to explosive growth.
And with Mindflow as your partner, you’ll have award-winning experts laser-focused on your ecommerce success.

Our BigCommerce SEO Experts Follow A 5-Step Working Process!

Mindflow follows a strategic process perfected from ranking some of the world’s top ecommerce brands in competitive niches!

1. Technical SEO Site Audit and Competitive Benchmarking

First, we crawl your entire site using advanced tools like DeepCrawl to identify technical issues negatively impacting organic visibility, including:

  • Indexation problems like thin content, duplicate pages, or issues blocking pages from being indexed
  • Page speed load times and optimizing images
  • Schema and structured data errors
  • Broken links and site architecture best practices
  • Accessibility for text and image crawlers

We also benchmark your site against competitors using SEMrush to analyze strengths and weaknesses. Fixing these technical issues ensures maximum crawlability so Google can easily index and understand your pages.

2. In-Depth Competitive Gap Analysis

Next, we dig deeper into your competitors’ SEO strategies using Ahrefs, SEMrush and Sistrix. We uncover:

  • Pages and posts ranking well so we can model and optimize these
  • Strategies they’re using to rank you may be missing
  • Keyword opportunities with traffic not targeted by competitors
  • Ways you can surpass competitors by improving technical metrics

These insights inform our keyword research and SEO roadmap. We leave no stone unturned in finding areas where you can out-optimize competitors.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization for Higher ROI

Using Google Analytics, Mouseflow, and heatmaps, we’ll pinpoint UX issues causing drops in conversion rates like:

  • High bounce rates on landing pages
  • Slow page load times
  • Confusing site navigation
  • Poorly positioned or weak calls-to-action
  • Checkout abandonment points

By optimizing your site for conversions, more organic traffic converts into customers, leading to higher ROI.

4. Local SEO Tactics to Increase Your Ecommerce Store Visits

For ecommerce brands with a local target audience, we optimize on-page elements specifically for ranking in Google’s Local Pack, including:

  • Complete and consistent NAP listings
  • Area served, hours, and services offered
  • Unique descriptions, images, and content tailored for each location

Ranking higher in Local Pack results doubles foot traffic from local searchers seeking in-store purchases.

5. Strategic Keyword Targeting Aligned to Searcher Intent

The foundation of any effective SEO strategy is precise keyword research and targeting. Using tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and UberSuggest, we uncover new opportunities by:

  • Analyzing keywords your competitors rank well for
  • Finding long-tail variations with higher conversion potential
  • Identifying commercial keywords aligned to purchasing intent
  • Tracking historical and projected search volume growth

We develop custom keyword strategies tailored to your business and customer journey that expand your organic reach.

6. Link Building and Digital PR Outreach

Google uses backlinks as one of the top ranking factors. We’ll build powerful backlinks through:

  • Industry directory listings
  • Guest posting and contributor outreach
  • Brand mentions on authority sites
  • Strategic link partnerships
  • Influencer connections

Quality links signal credibility and authority to Google, enhancing trust rankings.

More On Our BigCommerce SEO Services!

While other agencies take a generic approach, our BigCommerce SEO strategies are tailored to leverage built-in features that impact rankings like:

Optimized BigCommerce Templates

We optimize default BigCommerce templates for on-page elements Google rewards like:

  • Title tags
  • Headers
  • Content organization
  • Image alt text
  • Structured data

This makes it faster to launch new categories and product pages.

Dynamic Product Categories

We structure BigCommerce categories to target keywords and match search intent, leading to higher click-through-rates.

Enhanced BigCommerce Product Detail Pages

We optimize product detail pages to drive conversions by improving elements like:

  • Descriptions
  • Specs/attributes
  • Buying guides
  • Reviews
  • Visuals

Blog Content

Our SEO content for your BigCommerce blog targets informational keywords to attract new visitors.

Blog content also links back to product pages to increase rankings.

Review Generation

We’ll develop and publish genuine reviews on high-value product pages to build trust and social proof. More reviews mean higher conversions.

Deliverables to Expect When Working With Us!

As part of our ongoing SEO service, you’ll get:

  • Keyword optimization documents
  • Technical SEO audits
  • Optimized web pages and content
  • Monthly ranking and traffic analysis reports
  • Quarterly strategy presentations
  • Access to SEMrush for keyword tracking

We also provide customized timelines for all SEO deliverables based on the agreed-upon milestones.

BigCommerce SEO Packages To Fit Your Business Goals

We offer tailored BigCommerce SEO packages to match your budget and goals at transparent pricing:

Starter Pack

Our Starter pack is ideal for early-stage ecommerce brands who want to lay the SEO foundation.

You’ll get:

  • Technical audit and competitive analysis
  • Initial on-page optimizations
  • 10 keyword-optimized pages
  • Reporting on traffic and ranks

Starting at $750/month

Growth Pack

Our Growth pack includes expanded optimizations to increase rankings, traffic, and sales.

You’ll get:

  • Ongoing keyword research
  • 50 keyword-optimized pages
  • Optimized site navigation
  • Monthly content creation
  • Backlink outreach
  • Rank tracking and sales reporting

Starting at $2,500/month

Success Pack

Our Success pack is for established brands ready to dominate SERPs and maximize revenue.

You’ll get:

  • Unlimited keyword targeting
  • Full site on-page optimization
  • Weekly fresh SEO content
  • Active link-building and partnerships

About Mindflow Marketing – Award-Winning BigCommerce SEO Experts

Mindflow Marketing is an award-winning digital agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization. For over 15 years, our mission is helping brands maximize their growth potential through data-driven SEO campaigns.

Some credentials that set us apart from other BigCommerce SEO Agencies:

  • Official BigCommerce Partner: We stay up to date on features that impact your SEO success.
  • Google Premier Partner certified: Our strategies follow Google’s latest algorithm best practices.
  • 15+ GaggleAMP awards: Recognizing our measurable ROI for clients.
  • Featured on Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Pro: As a trusted B2C SEO resource.

Mindflow comprises an in-house SEO team focused 100% on ecommerce store optimization. See our case studies and client reviews:

  • “SEO Driving Over 37% of Our BigCommerce Revenue” – Mason Outdoor Co.
  • “62% Higher Conversions Rates Within 3 Months” – Slate & Stone Luxury Watches
  • “10x Increase in Organic Traffic in Under 6 Months” – Petlab Co Supplements

Schedule a Free BigCommerce SEO Consultation

Ready to get started dominating page 1 rankings? Claim your free 30-minute consultation to discuss your SEO goals and how Mindflow can get you there faster.

Or, for quick questions, reach out to our team:

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With Mindflow’s specialized BigCommerce SEO expertise, we maximize conversions from organic to accelerate business growth. Let us customize a data-driven SEO plan tailored to your ecommerce goals today!


Why is SEO important for my BigCommerce store?

SEO is important for BigCommerce stores because at least 43% of all ecommerce traffic comes from Google’s organic search. If your products and pages aren’t ranking well organically, you miss out on increased traffic, leads, and sales. Optimizing your BigCommerce SEO ensures you appear for relevant searches.

What makes BigCommerce different for SEO?

BigCommerce has built-in SEO advantages like customizable URLs, optimized templates, structured data markup, and blog integration. Our strategies maximize these features so you can rank better than competitors.

How long does it take to see SEO results?

It takes 3-6 months to begin seeing significant SEO results. Rankings fluctuate constantly so it requires ongoing optimizations. Within 6-12 months, you can achieve top 3 rankings for valuable keywords in most niches.

What is your experience with BigCommerce stores?

We are BigCommerce SEO experts, having optimized over 500+ BigCommerce stores. We utilize advanced strategies tailored for BigCommerce to maximize organic visibility and conversion growth.

How can I track my SEO results?

We provide monthly reporting covering rankings, organic traffic, leads generated, and revenue attributed to SEO. You also get access to tracking tools like SEMrush to monitor rankings.

How can I learn more about your SEO packages?

Contact us for a free consultation to review our BigCommerce SEO packages. We will evaluate your current SEO health and business goals to recommend the right solution!

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