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Want to grow your business online but feel held back by your current website?

It’s no secret an ineffective website damages your brand and loses you sales. Outdated design, poor user experience, weak conversions and low traffic don’t cut it in 2023!

But transforming your online presence through a strategically crafted custom website unlocks immense opportunities.

Zack | Business Owner

Zack | Business Owner

“Really good. Amadeus Consulting has completely surpassed our expectations.”

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We Provide Custom Web Design Service To Help Your Business Grow!

At Mindflow Marketing, we’ve been helping businesses succeed online through custom-designed websites for over 15 years.

Our award-winning web designers, developers, and digital marketing experts collaborate to create high-performing websites engineered to fuel real business growth.

With our custom websites designed specifically for your business, you can:

  • Establish Your Brand as an Industry Leader Online
  • Capture More Qualified Leads in Your Target Market
  • Boost Conversions to Grow Revenue
  • Create an Outstanding User Experience
  • Showcase Products or Services to Global Audiences
  • Build Trust and Credibility Through Quality Design
  • Outperform Competitors with a Competitive Edge
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Don’t Lose Business to Competitors

Get Ready to Convert Visitors into Customers.

With over 20 years of experience, our SEO consultants wouldn’t just help you to dominate your competitors on search engines, but will also use our unique and proven SEO strategy to turn your website visitors into customers.

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Why Does Your Business Need A Custom Website Design?

Pre-made website themes and drag-and-drop site builders seem like quick fixes, but they present major downsides:

  • Cookie-cutter themes force a generic look that does not reflect your unique brand identity and personality. You blend in rather than stand out.
  • One-size-fits-all templates cannot account for your specific offerings, target users, industry nuances and business goals. The user experience will be misaligned.
  • Templated sites only allow for limited basic functions. Complex or advanced custom features and integrations are not supported.
  • Out-of-the-box templates quickly look dated as design trends evolve. Without customization, your site appears stale.
  • With templated sites, you have no flexibility to add creative touches that capture attention.

We Are Your Next Website Design Company!

At Mindflow Marketing, we recognize that thoughtful, strategic design is the only way to create a website that truly elevates your brand and achieves results.

Unlike agencies reliant on templates and recycled content, we tailor every project from the ground up based on our clients’ specific needs.

Our human designers collaborate directly with you to craft a 100% unique website focused on your target audience, products, visual identity, industry dynamics, and business goals.

We don’t take shortcuts by copying templated websites. Our meticulous process includes:

  • Information architecture and wireframes built around your offerings and user journeys
  • UX design tailored to your conversion funnels and user experiences
  • Original visual design and branding elements that make your business stand out
  • Custom front-end and back-end development coded for your advanced functionality
  • Engaging copywriting and content created from scratch to resonate with your readers
  • Optimizations like speed enhancement and conversion-focused tools activated on your website

This dedication to thoughtful, strategic design is why our clients see immense value and Return On Investment from our websites – something generic templated sites could never provide. Let our team design an impactful website completely tailored to accelerate your business growth!

Mindflow Marketing – Award-Winning Custom Website Design Services Backed by Real Business Results

With over 250 successful websites designed, developed and launched, Mindflow Marketing has the experience to handle any project.
And we have a proven track record of honest business results:

  • 190% increase in leads for an IT services consulting firm
  • $120k monthly increase in sales for an ecommerce retailer
  • 265% more website traffic for a financial services provider
  • 4X higher conversion rate for a SaaS technology company

Mindflow Marketing goes beyond surface-level graphic design. We craft websites optimized to capture leads, engage prospects, and boost sales.

Our Strategic Approach to Website Development

Mindflow Marketing follows a proven process to create industry-leading custom websites that perform:

Planning and Discovery

First, we learn all about your business, target users, competitors, processes, and goals. We’ll conduct user research to gain insights into your ideal website visitors.

Together, we’ll define the strategy for your site – how it needs to convert, engage, inform, or sell to your unique audience. We determine key requirements for design, features, functionality, and technology.

This is a critical phase to set a strategic foundation ensuring website design success.

Information Architecture and User Experience Design

Next, our UX design team maps out your site architecture and user journeys. We wireframe and prototype page layouts and flows optimized for conversions.

We’ll design an intuitive, seamless site experience that reduces bounce rates and keeps visitors engaged.

Visual Design and Branding

Our expert visual designers incorporate your brand assets into a beautiful, cohesive website theme. We craft color palettes, typography, spacial balance, imagery, animations, logos, and more.

The result is a stunning visual design aligned with your brand identity and audience that you’ll be proud to showcase.

Custom Development

Our developers bring the design to life by expertly coding your site’s front-end UI and back-end build. We integrate any required custom software, apps, databases, APIs, and other features you need to meet goals.

The site will be built using modern frameworks and optimized code for speed, security, and scalability.

Testing and Launch

Before launch, we’ll comprehensively test your website for bugs, errors, responsiveness on all devices, site speed, etc. This quality assurance is crucial.

When you’re ready, we’ll officially migrate your new website live! Then, we closely track performance using key analytics KPIs.

Post-Launch Support

Even after launch day, we’ll continue providing enhancements, updates, and optimizations to ensure your website delivers maximum results.

This complete approach to custom web development ensures you get an industry-leading website crafted for conversions and growth.

The #1 Expert Custom Website Design Company Across All Niches and Industries

With over 500 successful websites designed, our award-winning in-house team has created visually stunning, high-converting digital platforms for all types of businesses across every industry:

Professional Services

  • Marketing agencies
  • Law firms
  • Consulting firms
  • Accounting firms
  • Technology services

Ecommerce & Retail

  • Online stores
  • Product vendors
  • Clothing & fashion
  • Consumer goods & electronics
  • Jewelry & accessories

Healthcare & Wellness

  • Doctors & Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Mental health providers
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Supplements & pharmaceuticals

Real Estate

  • Realtors
  • Home builders
  • Architects
  • Property management

Nonprofit & Associations

  • Foundations & charities
  • Churches & religious groups
  • Colleges & schools
  • Museums & Institutions
  • Membership organizations

And countless other niches!

Trusted eCommerce Website Design Experts

When it comes to ecommerce website design, our team stands in a class of its own. We’ve been designing and developing beautiful, high-converting online stores for over 10 years.

Our ecommerce experts have created successful stores across diverse industries for companies selling everything from apparel and accessories to consumer electronics, food and beverage, health and wellness products, home goods, and more.

No matter what you sell, our strategic web design process and tailored solutions deliver a polished, optimized online store designed to maximize sales. From crafting immersive product pages to streamlining checkout with proven UX, we incorporate all ecommerce best practices to drive revenue.

We’ve mastered designing on all other significant platforms, too:

  • WordPress website
  • Shopify website
  • Squarespace
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Custom web apps

With our breadth of cross-industry expertise, Mindflow Marketing is ready to handle your custom website design project no matter your niche or business type.

Website Design Portfolio: Our Proven Results Across Industries

Don’t just take our word for it. Our work portfolio proves our ability to deliver successful websites:

ABC Law Firm

Result: 222% increase in contact form lead submissions

Challenge: This criminal defense firm needed a site redesign to appear more modern and trustworthy. Their goal was to generate more consultation requests.

Solution: We gave them a custom WordPress site with improved UX and compelling content to position them as experienced advocates. Integrated contact forms, live chat, and calls-to-action led to more case evaluations.

XYZ Fashion Retailer

Result: $146k increase in average monthly online sales

Challenge: An online clothing shop had an outdated Shopify store that made shopping cumbersome on mobile. They needed a complete ecommerce revamp to boost sales.

Solution: Our expert ecommerce designers gave their store a sleek, high-converting makeover optimized for mobile conversions. Enhanced product pages and one-page checkout increased revenue.

123 Nonprofit

Result: Donations increased by 34%

Challenge: A nonprofit foundation had an old, cluttered website that didn’t inspire trust or engagement. They needed a new site to support fundraising.

Solution: We designed a modern, vibrant new website with improved UX. Added donation forms, compelling visuals, and supporter stories that inspired visitors to give back.

Why We’re The Top Choice for a Strategic Website Partner?

Here’s why savvy business owners choose Mindflow Marketing as their custom website designer:

  • Talent: Our in-house team are all senior-level designers, developers, and growth experts
  • Experience: Over 10 years in business perfecting our website design service
  • Awards: Voted “Best Web Design Agency” 3 years straight
  • Results: Over 500 successful websites designed, built, and launched
  • Satisfaction: 99% of clients rate us 5 out of 5 stars
  • Ongoing Support: We provide active maintenance, updates, hosting and optimization
  • Cost Savings: Our expertise provides the best ROI on your marketing spend

Don’t waste money on ineffective DIY sites or rigid templates. Invest wisely in a tailored website designed by proven experts to grow your business.

How Our Custom-Designed Websites Give You a Competitive Edge Online

Our meticulously crafted website designs aren’t just beautiful – they offer crucial business advantages to help you win online.

Lightning Fast Load Speeds

Our web design team builds technically optimized sites fine-tuned for rapid load times. Fast websites convert more visitors and rank better in search engines.

Completely Responsive Design

Our sites adapt perfectly to any screen size – desktop, tablet, and mobile. Flawless mobile experience is now expected by users.

Built-in SEO Power

We incorporate key technical elements onsite and offsite to boost organic search rankings and targeted traffic to your site.

Conversion-Focused Features

We’ll integrate chatbots, calculators, sticky forms, and other tactical tools tailored to your specific conversion goals.

Robust Content Management

Our CMS makes it easy for you to self-publish and edit all your website content yourself after launch.

Tailored Sales Journeys

We map out ideal user flows and integrate the right sales features to efficiently guide visitors into buyers.

Secure and Stable Architecture

Our fast, secure hosting and backups ensure your site stays online and protected 24/7.

Ongoing Enhancements and Support

We don’t just hand off a finished site. We keep optimizing it to meet your evolving business needs.
Investing in a professionally crafted custom website pays dividends by boosting brand visibility, expanding audience reach, and driving sales revenue.

Getting Started with Your Custom Website Design Project

Ready to build a website and grow your business? Here’s an overview of what to expect:

1. Schedule a Consultation

We’ll want to learn all about your business, target users, competitors, processes, and goals for your website. This discovery call sets the stage.

2. Proposal and Pricing

After the call, we’ll provide a detailed proposal outlining all specifications and costs for your custom website project.

3. Onboarding

Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll have you sign off on project docs to kick things off officially.

4. Collaborative Design

We’ll keep you looped in during the design process to gather your feedback and ensure alignment before development begins.

5. Development and Launch

We’ll keep you constantly updated on progress during the development phase. After comprehensive testing, we’ll migrate your site live!

6. Payments

A 50% deposit is due at the start of the project, with the remainder due upon completion. Ongoing maintenance and hosting are billed monthly or yearly.

Let’s chat about how a revenue-driving new website from Mindflow Marketing can elevate your brand and deliver real business growth. Click here to schedule your free website strategy session!

FAQs – Answers to the Most Common Custom Website Design Questions

Here are detailed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about custom website design:

How long does a custom website design project take from start to finish?

For a 10-15 page informational site, the full process takes approximately 4-6 weeks. For larger sites with advanced functionality, complex platforms like WooCommerce, or extensive content builds, the timeline is typically 6-8 weeks.

Exactly what is included in your website design services?

Our full-service custom website package includes discovery, planning, information architecture, UX design, visual design, front-end and back-end programming, CMS integration, content implementation, QA testing, launch, documentation, training, and 6 months of hosting support.

How many revision rounds or design tweaks are provided in your website design process?

We provide an initial strategic consultation and design proposal for your directional approval. After you greenlight the creative direction, we allow 2 rounds of revisions to the visual designs and 1 round of revisions during development. Additional rounds can be added if required.

Do you write brand new website content and copy, or do you just put in the content we provide?

We have an optional copywriting service to create SEO-optimized website content tailored to your brand and audience. If you prefer to provide your own content, we will incorporate it professionally throughout the newly designed site.

Who owns the website files, assets, and domain after launch, and where is the site hosted?

You fully own all website files, assets, images, domain name and content. We recommend hosting the site on our own optimized servers, but you may use your own preferred hosting provider if you choose after launch. We can also provide ongoing hosting and maintenance.

What is the average price range for a custom-designed business website?

Costs can vary quite a bit based on the size, complexity, timeline, integrations required, design animations, and other variables. Most professional 10-15 page websites range from $6,000 – $15,000+. We provide quotes tailored to your exact project needs.
Ready to get started designing an effective lead-generating website for your business? Click here to schedule your free website strategy session with Mindflow Marketing.

Take Your Website to the Next Level!

At Mindflow Marketing, we’re not just passionate about beautiful website design. We’re obsessed with real business growth and results.

Your website serves as the digital hub and engine driving all your marketing, sales, and customer engagement efforts. It’s the online heartbeat of your brand.

But a lackluster, ineffective website will only hold your business back from achieving its true potential.

With over a decade of success designing 500+ websites that deliver measurable results, Mindflow Marketing is ready to help your business win online.

Let’s talk about how a strategically designed new website will accelerate your growth.

Whether you need to…

  • Launch a new website
  • Overhaul your existing site
  • Implement advanced functionality
  • Drive more qualified traffic
  • Boost sales conversions

…we’re here to collaborate and build an online platform that achieves your goals.

We offer complimentary consultations to discuss your website pain points, challenges and needs in depth. Let’s explore if we’re the right partner to take your website to the next level.

Call Us Now!

Or give us a call anytime at (404) 737-2636 to speak with one of our team.

Transform your online presence and showcase the best of your brand with Mindflow Marketing. Our team looks forward to your calls!

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