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At Mindflow Marketing, we understand the critical importance of high-quality backlinks in achieving top search engine rankings. But in the race to build links fast, many websites accumulate toxic backlinks that can potentially harm their SEO and get them penalized by Google.

That’s why we offer professional Link Building Audit Services to identify harmful links pointing to your website and fix any issues with your backlink profile.

Our manual and automated link analysis carried out by certified SEO experts will help your website recover lost rankings, increase organic traffic, avoid penalties and establish authority in your niche.

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Zack | Business Owner

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Get a Comprehensive Link Building Audit from Our SEO Experts!

Backlinks remain one of the most important ranking factors for Google and other search engines. The quality and quantity of links pointing to your website determine how high it ranks for important keywords.

A study found that the number of domains linking to a page was the highest correlating factor to rankings in Google.

However, not all links are created equal. Poor quality backlinks from low authoritative sites or using manipulative link building tactics can get your site penalized by search engines!

Google hates link spam and constantly updates its algorithms to demote websites with toxic backlink profiles.

The only way to identify harmful links causing ranking drops and fix link-related penalties is through a comprehensive backlink audit By Our Experts!

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Our Detailed Backlink Audit Increases Your Domain Authority And Help You Rank Higher On Search Engines!

Our detailed link building audit will help you:

  • Identify toxic, artificial, or manipulated backlinks harming your rankings
  • Disavow risky links to prevent Google penalties
  • Remove harmful links to clean up your backlink profile
  • Uncover competitor link building strategies
  • Find new high-quality linking opportunities
  • Improve overall SEO to increase organic traffic
  • Avoid future pitfalls in your link building efforts

In short, our expert link audit gives you total clarity and control over your website’s backlink profile so you can optimize it for higher rankings, more traffic, and greater revenues!

We Carry A Comprehensive Link Building Audit Process

We take a completely customized and hands-on approach to auditing and cleaning up your website’s backlinks.

Our certified SEO analysts manually review your link profile to provide actionable recommendations based on your goals.

We also use advanced link analysis software like Ahrefs, Semrush, etc., to automate time-consuming backlink data collection and analysis.

Here are the steps involved in our fool-proof link audit methodology:

Step 1: Website Analysis

We start by thoroughly analyzing your current website, including:

  • Backlink data collection from Google Search Console and other sources
  • Evaluating backlink quantity and quality comparison with competitors
  • Assessing link velocity – pace of new link acquisition
  • Anchor text optimization opportunities
  • Any previous Google penalties

Step 2: Identify Harmful Links

Our experts go through your backlink list with a fine-tooth comb to identify:

  • Toxic links from low-quality, spammy, or suspicious websites
  • Manipulative links using paid, redirected, or other black-hat tactics
  • Irrelevant links from shady websites or bad neighborhoods
  • Over-optimized anchor text links

Any risky links threatening your current/future rankings are flagged for removal.

Step 3: Disavow File Creation & Submission

We compile all the toxic and harmful links into a disavow file and submit it to Google through Google Search Console.

This signals Google not to consider those links while evaluating your website.
Disavowing bad links is crucial to avoid Google penalties and protect your rankings.

Step 4: Removal Request for Harmful Links

Simply disavowing links is not enough – they need to be completely removed.

Our experts reach out to webmasters/site owners, requesting them to take down links pointing to your site. This cleanses your backlink profile thoroughly.

Step 5: Link Building Audit Report & Recommendations

We deliver a comprehensive audit report containing:

  • List of all toxic/harmful links along with specifics like anchor text, etc.
  • Good backlinks worth preserving
  • Opportunities for acquiring new high-quality links
  • Recommended changes to your internal linking structure
  • Any other link building or technical SEO fixes needed

Step 6: Ongoing Link Profile Monitoring

We keep continuously monitoring your backlink profile to ensure new toxic links don’t pop up again. This protects your rankings in the long run.

Benefits of Our Link Building Audit

  • Recover lost rankings by removing toxic links
  • Avoid Google penalties by disavowing risky links
  • Increase organic traffic by improving backlink quality
  • Gain insights into competitors’ link building strategies
  • Discover new high-authority websites to get backlinks from
  • Protect and strengthen your website’s authority in the niche
  • Ensure the highest ROI from future link building efforts

In essence, our expert link audit gives you complete control over your website’s link profile so you can unlock the full SEO potential of your backlinks.

Why Choose Mindflow Marketing’s Link Audit Services?

With over 10+ years of SEO experience and time-tested audit processes, Mindflow Marketing is uniquely equipped to handle the most complex link audits while delivering great results.

Here are 5 key reasons to choose our link building audit services:

1. Custom Link Building Strategies

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our SEO experts will hand-tailor the perfect link building strategy for your niche, target keywords, and website goals.

2. Manual + Automated Analysis

We combine the accuracy of manual review with the power of link analysis software for the most comprehensive backlink audit.

3. Complete Transparency

You will get complete access to all the raw link data, audit reports, and recommendations. No hidden information.

4. Ongoing Link Profile Monitoring

We continuously monitor your backlinks to identify any new threats and protect your rankings.

5. Dedicated Account Manager

A link building expert will be assigned to your website audit and be available for any guidance needed.

In short, we leave no stone unturned in auditing and optimizing your website’s link profile for the best possible search engine results.

Link Building Audit Tools & Software We Use

Our certified SEO analysts use the most cutting-edge link analysis software and tools to ensure the most comprehensive backlink audit.
Here are some we rely on:


Ahrefs allows us to analyze your website’s complete backlink profile, compare competitors and find link building opportunities. We can also download toxic links for disavowal.


Semrush gives us historical data on your link velocity and helpful info like spam percentage of referring domains.

Majestic SEO

Majestic provides trust metrics like Trust Flow and Citation Flow to evaluate link quality and find credible sites to get backlinks from.


Moz’s Link Explorer shows link equity and helps identify unnatural link patterns.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console data reveals links indexed vs. disavowed along with manual penalty details.

Other Tools

We use Screaming Frog to crawl your site and extract its internal link structure for optimization. Then, we have LinkResearchTools that allow analyzing backlinks based on metrics like Domain Strength. Lastly, Linkody flags high-risk links and finds prospects for getting high-quality links.

With these advanced tools in the hands of our expert auditors, we can fine-tune your website’s link profile to perfection.

See the Link Audit Results Our Customers Have Achieved!

We have helped hundreds of businesses recover lost rankings, increase organic traffic, and avoid Google penalties through our link-building audit services.

Here are some examples of the results and success stories from our satisfied customers:

Case Study 1: Healthcare Startup

A promising healthcare startup had developed cutting-edge medical devices but was stuck on page 4 of Google for their core keywords despite trying SEO themselves.

After a link audit, we found +200 toxic links from suspect websites harming their rankings. We immediately disavowed those, got harmful links removed and built high-quality links from authority sites in the healthcare industry.

Results: The site climbed to #1 for their main keyword within 6 months. Their organic traffic rose by 157%, and they added 5 new products to their online store.

Case Study 2: Law Firm

An established Sydney-based law firm was hit by a Google penalty caused by shady link building done by a previous SEO agency. Their site’s traffic dropped 60%.

We thoroughly audited their backlinks, identified the toxic links, and submitted a disavow file. We also requested the removal of unethical links. Then, we rebuilt their profile with editorially given links.

Results: The manual penalty was lifted within 8 weeks, and the site recovered its lost rankings and traffic. It got 122% more leads in the next quarter.

Case Study 3: Fashion Ecommerce Site

A leading fashion ecommerce portal was suspected of having toxic links when they noticed their site traffic reducing month-to-month despite no drop in rankings.

Our experts used Ahrefs and Semrush to analyze their link profiles and identify manipulative links. We disavowed the harmful links, got them removed, and acquired natural links from authoritative sites.

Results: Their website traffic bounced back to previous levels within 3 months. Sales also increased by 19% in the next quarter.

As seen above, our link audits can successfully rescue websites from toxic links, penalties, and traffic loss – leading to explosive growth!

FAQs on Our Link Building Audit Service

When Does Your Website Need a Backlink Audit?

You need an expert link audit if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • Sudden drop in organic rankings and traffic
  • Manual or algorithmic penalty from Google
  • Recent link building efforts not delivering results
  • Buying links from low-quality providers
  • Previous SEO agency used shady link tactics
  • Competitor backlink profile looks much stronger

Bottomline, any major ranking drops or changes need a link audit to identify issues.

How Do You Remove Harmful Links?

We first disavow toxic links in Google Search Console. Then, we manually reach out to webmasters requesting them to take down those links. Most are happy to remove links once informed they are hurting a site.

For unresponsive sites, we recommend legal action to force link removal under copyright claims.

What’s The Difference Between Bad Links and Good Links?

Bad links originate from low-quality, spammy websites. They use manipulative tactics like paid links, article marketing links, etc.

Good links come from high-authority websites relevant to your niche. They happen editorially or naturally without payments.

Ideally, backlinks to your site should resemble the links pointing to authoritative sites like Forbes, New York Times, etc.

Can Negative SEO Attacks Harm Your Rankings?

Yes, competitors can deliberately build toxic links using black hat methods to trigger a Google penalty on your site. We help identify and reverse such negative SEO damages.

How to Determine If Your Site Is Penalized?

Sudden drops in traffic and rankings are telling signs. We’ll analyze your link profile, Google Search Console messages, and rankings fluctuations to determine Google penalties.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts if you need any help with identifying and resolving Google penalties.


Get a Complete Link Building Audit and Recommendations!

Take control of your website’s backlink profile. Eliminate the threats from toxic links and unlock the full SEO power of quality links with an expert Link Building Audit from Mindflow Marketing.

Request a Free Quote, and our certified SEO consultants will be happy to answer any queries you have!

About Mindflow Marketing!

Founded in 2012, Mindflow Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, content marketing, paid advertising and web analytics.

Our team of passionate marketers leverages data-driven strategies to maximize ROI for brands across the globe. We are a Premier Google Partner accredited with multiple certifications.

Some of our other specialized services include:

  • SEO Content Writing
  • Local SEO
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Technical SEO Audits
  • Link Building Services

No matter what your digital marketing needs are, our experts have the proven strategies and experience to help your business grow online.

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