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For over 15 years, Amadeus Consulting has been Macon’s top web design agency for a reason – we create sites with a magnetic pull. Our award-winning designers have revolutionized over 500 local businesses with responsive, seductively high-converting websites that captivate audiences.

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The Power of Professional Web Design for Macon Businesses

Your website is often the first touchpoint between you and potential new Macon customers. An exceptional website not only makes a powerful first impression but also seamlessly guides visitors down the path toward becoming paying customers.

Here’s how investing in a professionally designed website pays dividends for your Macon business:

Boosts Credibility and Trust 

A custom-designed website proves to visitors that you are an established, credible business that cares deeply about presenting a professional face to the world. It builds confidence in potential customers that you can deliver real value.

Drives More Conversions with Responsiveness 

In the U.S., 49.45% of web traffic now comes from mobile devices. An unresponsive site frustrates mobile visitors, causing poor navigation and slow load times that drive them away. Our responsive sites seamlessly adapt across all devices to delight mobile users.

Reduces Bounce Rates Through Faster Load Times

Slow load times are a conversion killer. An incredible 53% of mobile website users will bounce if pages take over 3 seconds to load. Our expert web developers optimize sites for lightning-fast speeds, slashing bounce rates.

Improves User Experience with Intuitive Navigation

Confusing site navigation is another source of visitor frustration. Our designers plan intuitive flows adapted specifically to your business to help visitors easily find what they need. The result is higher engagement and conversions.

Captures Leads Through Conversion Path Optimization 

Your website traffic is valuable. That’s why our design process focuses heavily on mapping the visitor journey to place lead capture opportunities precisely where visitors are most open to sharing contact info. The ROI can be game-changing.

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With over 20 years of experience, our SEO consultants wouldn’t just help you to dominate your competitors on search engines, but will also use our unique and proven SEO strategy to turn your website visitors into customers.

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Our Macon-Focused Web Design Process

Our passion lies in helping fellow Macon businesses craft custom websites that unlock their online growth potential. To achieve this, we follow a rigorous web design methodology:

Discover Your Business Goals 

We kick things off with an in-depth video call where we ask probing questions to unpack your core business goals, target buyer personas, current website metrics and traffic trends, main competitors, and vision for the new site. 

Think of it like an archaeological dig – we extract and analyze all the artifacts to understand what truly makes your business tick. This grounds the entire design process firmly around your growth objectives from day one.

Audit Competitors and Differentiate

Next, our team studies your competitor sites, dissecting what they excel at as well as major gaps where you can differentiate. We compile battle cards outlining standout elements to model as well as pitfalls to avoid. Then we brainstorm creative ways to distill your unique value prop into the website design and content to help you stand out.

Map Target Audience Personas and Journeys

Buyer psychology determines design decisions. We combine insights from consulting you, observing website analytics trends, running customer surveys, and researching target demographics to build detailed buyer personas. 

We map both their emotional and practical buying journeys to identify exactly how and where your site can eliminate friction and trigger desire. This influences everything from site messaging to layouts and conversion funnels.

Architect Information Architecture

With laser-focused persona journeys defined, we architect an optimal site information architecture and flow optimized for conversion. This IA essentially structures how/where content and features are organized and sequenced across site pages based on priority to assist buyer journeys. If the IA fails, the best visual designs crumble, so we obsess over this foundation.

Create Design Concepts

Our gifted designers start preliminary wireframing of key page layouts and visual concepts that bring the information architecture to life. You join virtual design workshops to provide real-time feedback until we lock in the optimal design direction tailored to resonate with your audience while differentiating your brand.

Develop and Rigorously Test

Our dev team assembles the approved site blueprint using best-of-breed tools like WordPress and Shopify to build a lightning-fast, mobile-friendly foundation. Copywriters fill out page content while designers bolt on branding and visual polish. Before launch, everything undergoes rigorous testing for seamless responsiveness across devices, site speed optimizations, and flawless user experience during site navigation and transactions.

The end result – exceptional conversion-focused websites designed specifically around the needs and buyer psychology of your Macon target audience.

The Macon Website Design Services We Offer

No matter your web needs, Amadeus Consulting has got you covered. This Macon web design company offers a full suite of custom Macon website design services tailored to help you acquire, engage, and delight visitors to drive sustainable growth.

Custom Website Design

Our bread and butter – we craft completely custom, on-brand websites tailored exactly to your Macon business’s goals, audience needs, and industry from the ground up. This total design flexibility empowers us to build high-converting masterpieces.

WordPress Development

For clients seeking an easy-to-use CMS platform, we expertly theme and customize WordPress sites. This enables you to handle basic site updates yourself later while we handle the heavy lifting upfront.

Ecommerce Stores

Want to unlock a proven online sales channel? Our ecommerce designers and developers specialize in building beautiful, customer-centric e commerce websites fueled by seamless third-party software integration with modern commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Landing Pages

Need a focused lead generation machine? Our website content developers in Macon, GA craft sleek, aesthetically stunning landing pages armed with persuasive copy and frictionless conversion funnels designed to compel visitors to sign up, schedule calls, or purchase your offers.

Website Redesigns

Already have a site but feels like it’s failing to engage visitors adequately? Our UX audit identifies pain points. Then our Macon, GA designers breathe exciting new life into existing sites – elevating engagement and sales with creative responsive makeovers.

Managed Website Hosting

Our web design Macon, GA services offer fully managed, ultra-performant hosting on our dedicated servers so you can focus on running your business without ever worrying about site uptime, speed, or security yourself.

Ongoing Website Support

Our in-depth service extends well beyond just designing responsive web design sites. We actively handle all your post-launch support needs from updates and maintenance to troubleshooting and regular site speed and conversion enhancements, with the help of our in-house team. Consider us your online growth partners!

Website Features to Increase Conversions

Beyond beautiful designs, every website we build is crafted specifically around converting Macon site visitors into buyers. Here are some of the proven features we can integrate to boost conversions:

  • Lead Capture Forms – Strategically placed contact forms make it effortless for engaged visitors to subscribe or request info/demos.
  • Live Chat – With 2-way on-site messaging, your sales team can guide visitors further down purchase journeys with personalized assistance.
  • Appointment Scheduling – Online booking integrations empower visitors to easily schedule calls or in-person meetings, building sales pipelines.
  • SEO Optimization – We optimize technical elements on-site to improve organic rankings along with targeted content for higher-intent visitors.
  • Social Media Integration – Showcasing social proof and enabling one-click follows makes visitors feel comfortably connected with your brand.
  • Email Marketing Integrations – Visitors can seamlessly subscribe on-site to fuel future sales through personalized email nurturing programs.
  • CRM Integrations – Send all leads/form entries directly into your CRM so your sales team can take immediate action toward closing deals.
  • Payment Processing – For ecommerce sites, we ensure safe, frictionless payments that help convert shoppers rather than abandoning carts.

Success Stories: How Amadeus Web Design Drove Results

We are proud of the exceptional sites our team has designed alongside fellow Macon businesses. Here is just a taste of the success stories and impressive results our clients have achieved:

  • Georgia Music Store 

Before its site redesign, this classic Macon record shop struggled to find online customers. We built an intuitive ecommerce site that made browsing vinyl enjoyable while personalized recommendations boosted average order value by 19%. In just 2 months after relaunching, online sales jumped from $3k to over $15k per month – a 5x increase!

  • Rooney Industrial Supply 

We designed and developed an ecommerce site for Rooney’s expansive catalog of industrial parts. Advanced search and custom parts number lookup made finding complex inventory easy. As a result, within 9 months of launch, Rooney’s new site was driving over $1.2 million in incremental sales revenue.

  • Crawford Orthodontics

Shifting consumer expectations meant Crawford Orthodontics needed a website facelift to match its modern practice approach. We designed a friendly, consultative site focused on affordability and teen experiences. This helped increase visitor-to-patient conversion rates from 18% to 31% in under 6 months.

Engagement Process and Packages to Fit Any Macon Business

Want to learn more about igniting growth for your Macon business with a conversion-focused site designed by Amadeus Consulting? Here is an overview of our streamlined engagement process:

  1. Discovery Call 

Hop on a 30-minute call so we can understand your current challenges, business goals, and initial vision for your new site. This allows us to put together a tailored proposal for web design services that will drive incredible ROI from day 1.

  1. Proposal & Scheduling 

We will send you a detailed proposal matching the solutions and specific website design/development services that best fit your needs. Once you are ready to move forward, we finalize timelines and get started on this exciting project!

  1. Collaborative Design Process 

You will work 1-on-1 with our design team during the high-impact planning and creative concepting phases where we shape site messaging, architecture, visuals, and features around your goals.

  1. Development & Rigorous Testing 

Our development team will build out the final approved site pages and product features with a focus on speed, mobile responsiveness across devices, and flawless user experience during site navigation and transactions.

  1. Post-Launch Support & Optimizations

Even after launch day, our work continues! We monitor site analytics to help you unlock further gains through continual optimizations and feature enhancements that supercharge performance. We’ve also got your back with expert maintenance and troubleshooting.

We offer flexible and transparent Macon website design packages tailored to businesses both small and large:

Essentials Plan – Starting at $7,500 

Perfect for small businesses seeking an MVP online presence designed to convert site traffic into sales.


  • 5 Page Custom Website Design
  • Lead Generation Form Integration
  • Basic SEO Setup
  • Managed Hosting
  • 3 Months Post-Launch Support

Plus Plan – Starting at $15,000 

The ideal solution for established Macon brands aiming to drive online growth through custom site design and expanded feature sets.


  • 10-Page Custom Website Design
  • Custom Pages and Features
  • Ecommerce Store Set Up
  • Advanced SEO Optimization
  • 6 Months Post-Launch Support

Enterprise Plan – Starting at $50,000 

For businesses managing complex digital presences, our fully loaded package delivers a holistic technology ecosystem underpinned by custom site design to deliver impressive ROI.


  • Complex Custom Website Design
  • Extensive Custom Features
  • Integrations with CRM, Marketing Automation, Accounting Systems
  • Comprehensive Lead Gen Analytics
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • 12+ Months Post-Launch Support

Our Core Values: Why Clients Trust Amadeus Web Design Company

What sets OptiLocal apart is our genuinely customer-centric approach grounded in principles like:

Commitment – We feel fully invested in each client’s success. Your goals become our goals as we leverage web technology to design sites that propel your business.

Integrity – Your trust is the bedrock of fruitful partnerships. We make transparent recommendations tailored to your long-term interests – never what earns us the most.

Ingenuity – Pioneering innovative features online unlocks growth for clients. We continuously better our skills and certifications to unlock cutting-edge web capabilities.

Collaboration – Fusing our experience with your vision breeds sites that captivate. We believe open communication and transparency enable the strongest client relationships.

Our values drive us to deliver more than stunning websites – but digital experiences that enable businesses to thrive. And we welcome any feedback on how we can better embody these principles for you!

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