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Want your online store to pull in more of that sweet organic traffic? I get it – with 44% of people starting their online shopping with a search engine query, ranking high is a must for you to capture that high-quality traffic!

The problem is, most SEO companies don’t really understand eCommerce SEO. They take a one-size-fits-all approach that leaves you frustrated and dropped rankings in the end!

We’re different at Mindflow Marketing. After optimizing online stores for over a decade, we eat, sleep, and breathe SEO tailored explicitly for eCommerce. It’s all we do!

When you partner with us, we dive deep into the needs of your unique business. Then, we handcraft strategies combining technical SEO, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization to get your site ranking higher.

You’ll work directly with our eCommerce SEO fanatics every step of the way. We’re right there in the trenches with you, collaborating to grow your organic traffic and sales.

Tired of lackluster Ecommerce SEO companies?

It’s time to bring in specialists who live for this stuff. Let’s talk about how our e-commerce SEO marketing agency can dominate those coveted first-page rankings for your online store!

Zack | Business Owner

Zack | Business Owner

“Really good. Amadeus Consulting has completely surpassed our expectations.”

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We Take A Data-Driven Approach to eCommerce SEO

Mindflow doesn’t follow SEO fads or make vague promises. We take a data-driven approach based on proven strategies, constant testing, and actionable analytics.

Our SEO campaign is honed by over a decade spent exclusively in the eCommerce space. We understand majority of the Google ranking factors and buyer psychology that can drive success today!

When you first partner with Mindflow, we conduct an in-depth research into your online store, competitors, and marketplace. This shapes a tailored SEO plan specific to your business’s needs and goals.

We then start off with our expert e-commerce SEO services and help you rank on top of the search engine results:

  • Increase in targeted organic keywords rankings
  • Growth in organic traffic and lower bounce rates
  • More conversions and sales from organic traffic with high-buying intent
  • Higher revenue and Return On Investment

When working with us, you enjoy complete visibility into our SEO efforts and other marketing strategies through customized dashboards and regular reporting. We translate data into strategic recommendations to continually progress your online store’s growth!

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Don’t Lose Business to Competitors

Get Ready to Convert Visitors into Customers.

With over 20 years of experience, our SEO consultants wouldn’t just help you to dominate your competitors on search engines, but will also use our unique and proven SEO strategy to turn your website visitors into customers.

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Why We Are The Top-Rated Ecommerce SEO Experts?

With countless agencies promising the world, why do 100+ top eCommerce brands trust Mindflow Marketing as their SEO partner?
Here’s what sets us apart:

Unmatched eCommerce SEO Experience

Our dedicated team lives and breathes eCommerce Search Engine Optimization. With 15+ years focused solely on this niche, no challenge stumps us. We’ve optimized and ranked stores across every segment from fashion and electronics to healthcare and medical equiments.

Custom-Tailored SEO Strategies

Every client gets a strategy tailored to their business based on in-depth conversations. One-size-fits-all SEO delivers poor results.

Lasting Relationship With Our Clients

Mindflow becomes your in-house SEO team. Our experts provide hands-on guidance to keep your efforts progressing smoothly. We invest in your eCommerce success.

A Culture of Testing & Optimization

Complacency kills results. We continually test new strategies and tactics to grow your rankings and revenue. If something stops delivering results, we pivot and optimize.

Complete Transparency & Communication

No black box here. We provide full visibility through reports, dashboards, and calls. You’ll know what we’re doing and the ensuing impact on your visitors, leads, and sales.

We Provide Customized Ecommerce SEO Services

Our flexible services meet you at your level and scale to support your online store as it grows. Our Core Ecommerce offerings include:

1. In-Depth Technical eCommerce SEO Audits

We dive deep to diagnose and fix technical issues sabotaging your site’s SEO and user experience. Audits include:

  • Page speed analysis – We identify optimizations for faster mobile and desktop loads. Quicker sites have higher dwell time, lower bounce rates, and improved conversions.
  • Indexing crawl errors – We pinpoint and correct pages not properly indexed by search bots. This improves visibility.
  • Platform integrations – We ensure your ecommerce platform and SEO play nicely together for ideal crawlability.
  • Accessibility – Making your site accessible to all users improves SEO and compliance. We check elements like alt text, headings structure, colors, etc.
  • Duplicate/thin content – We uncover duplicate or low-value content diluting your site’s authority so it can be improved or consolidated.
  • Image optimization – We ensure your images load fast and have proper filenames, alt text for improved rankings.

You get a prioritized plan for technically optimizing the SEO foundations.

2. Advanced Conversion-Focused SEO

Our SEO goes beyond rankings to boost your sales. Conversion-focused SEO includes:

  • Landing page optimization – We optimize page speed, content, layout, calls-to-action and forms for higher on-site conversions
  • Intent-focused content – We create content that speaks to each buyer stage, nudging them towards a purchase.
  • Frictionless site navigation – We ensure users can easily find and purchase your products through navigation and on-site search optimization.
  • Social proof enhancements – Features like reviews, testimonials and case studies engage and persuade visitors.
  • Refining checkout – We minimize distractions, clarity pricing, optimize forms, and more to reduce cart abandonment.

More high-intent traffic is useless without sales. Our conversion-focused SEO turns visitors into customers.

3. Ethical Link Building for Ecommerce Sites

Google still values quality backlinks. We build yours through:

  • Contributing expert articles to niche publications
  • Creating and distributing assets like whitepapers, guides, and studies
  • Participating in relevant online communities and discussions
  • Securing mentions and backlinks from complementary brands
  • Optimizing your online business listings and profiles

But we focus on building links Google values most – editorial, contextual, and from authoritative sites. No shady shortcuts that put your site at risk.

4. Comprehensive eCommerce Keyword Research & Targeting

Choosing the right target keywords is imperative for eCommerce SEO success. We leave no stone unturned when researching relevant keywords, including:

  • Analyzing your existing content to identify optimization opportunities
  • Studying search trends for high-growth keywords with buyer intent
  • Researching competitor keywords for gaps to target
  • Leveraging tools like Google Keyword Planner for volume and difficulty data
  • Identifying valuable long-tail variants around core product terms

We compile all this data into a master keyword list optimized specifically for your online store.

Our team then seamlessly integrates selected keywords into your site architecture and content. This includes optimizing:

  • Product titles and descriptions
  • Category and landing pages
  • Blog content and videos
  • FAQs and other site content

The result is a site experience laser-focused on your ideal eCommerce keyword targets.

5. Continuous Performance Optimization

SEO needs constant optimization based on algorithm changes, new opportunities, and shifting search trends.
We incorporate ongoing performance optimization into every engagement, including:

  • Monitoring changes to Google’s ranking factors and quickly adapting
  • Tracking keyword ranking fluxuations and researching causes
  • Optimizing or refreshing existing content to boost engagement
  • Creating new content focused on emerging high-potential keywords
  • Staying on top of ecommerce and shopping-related algorithm updates
  • Capping on seasonal keywords and buying trends

Trusted By Leading eCommerce Brands

Don’t just take our word on the impact of our eCommerce SEO services.
Hear directly from brands we’ve partnered with to accelerate their online growth and success:

Mindflow’s technical audit was eye-opening—fixing the issues they uncovered led to a 21% increase in organic traffic in just 2 months” – Director of eCommerce, Outdoor Gear Brand

We saw a 4X higher ROI from our SEO efforts after Mindflow took over. Their ongoing optimizations keep our strategy effective.” – Founder, Fashion Retailer

The SEO content they create converts like crazy! We rank higher while also driving more qualified organic sales.”VP of Marketing, Supplements Company

Their SEO results speak for themselves. Now, let us do the same for your eCommerce business!

Tailored SEO Solutions for Leading eCommerce Platforms

Our platform-agnostic services deliver results regardless of your eCommerce stack. We optimize all types of stores running:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Custom-developed sites

And our technical experts ensure your platform and SEO strategies integrate seamlessly for ideal performance.

We stay on top of best SEO practices as platforms evolve. For example, we specialized in:

  • Enhancing Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 for SEO
  • Optimizing page speed on Magento’s PWA Studio
  • Implementing AMP on WooCommerce stores

Choose Mindflow for unmatched eCommerce SEO expertise tailored to your tech stack!

Laser-Focused Local SEO Tactics

For eCommerce brands with a local presence, dominating visibility in your geo-targeted keywords is vital.
As Google increasingly favors local intent, our tailored local SEO strategies drive more foot traffic by placing you ahead of competitors for searches like:

  • [City] [product/service]
  • Best stores near me for [product]

Our localization tactics include:

  • Optimizing Google Business Profile and Local Listings
  • Building local links
  • Detailed schema markup
  • Location-based content creation
  • Managing online reputation

The end result?
You become buyers’ #1 choice when looking for businesses in your area!

International and multilingual eCommerce SEO Specialists

Mindflow has deep expertise in optimizing online stores globally and across different languages.
We tailor strategies targeting the unique needs of different worldwide markets, including:

  • Local keywords
  • Location-specific technical needs
  • Translated content for higher visibility
  • International link building
  • Local search behavior nuances

Grow your international reach by partnering with global eCommerce SEO experts!

Uncover New Opportunities with Competitive Gap Analysis

Want to uncover quick wins to surpass competitors? Our gap analysis does just that.
We thoroughly analyze your top competitors across 50+ factors like:

  • Technical site health
  • Page speed optimizations
  • Content types/topics
  • Link profiles
  • Local SEO impact
  • Schema / rich snippets usage

You receive a report detailing areas you can improve to leapfrog your strongest competitors in organic results.

You Get Dedicated Support During Our SEO Process

Mindflow becomes your in-house SEO department. Enjoy advantages like:

1. Ongoing SEO Education

We provide continual training to get your team up to speed on our core SEO practices. This knowledge empowers them to support better initiatives that drive growth.

Equipped with our knowledge, your staff become force multipliers for our efforts.

2. Direct Collaboration with Internal Teams

We participate in calls and sessions as needed to educate development teams and ensure proper SEO implementation. For example:

  • Guiding dev teams on site architecture and technical considerations
  • Providing recommendations on ecommerce platform features to maximize organic visibility
  • Briefing designers on SEO best practices for on-site content

3. Complete Access to SEO Analytics

We provide access to a centralized dashboard showing goal progress and performance across:

  • Ranking gains for target keywords
  • Monthly organic traffic growth
  • Conversions and sales from SEO channels
  • ROI tracking based on marketing costs

Full data visibility empowers smarter SEO decisions.

4. Quarterly Strategy Reviews

We conduct executive-level quarterly reviews covering:

  • Past quarter SEO goal performance
  • Recapping optimizations and content efforts
  • Strategizing high-level priorities and opportunities for the upcoming quarter

This keeps strategies fully aligned with evolving business needs.

5. Weekly Touchpoints for Ongoing Optimization

You have full access to our team via scheduled weekly 30-minute status calls. We cover:

  • SEO initiative updates and results
  • Any ranking or traffic anomalies
  • Opportunities identified and recommendations
  • Answering any questions

This constant connection means efforts stay highly optimized.

6. Responsive Expert Recommendations

Have a new challenge or question? Our specialists are ready to address unique needs with thoughtful and proven solutions.

For example, if launching a new product line, we’ll provide recommendations on content strategy, technical considerations, and search optimization tactics.

Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Voice Search Queries!

Voice search usage is growing rapidly, and optimizing for smart devices like Alexa and Siri is critical. Our eCommerce SEO services include:

  • Researching relevant long-tail conversational keywords
  • Using natural language and conversational tone in content
  • Structuring content in an FAQ format
  • Implementing schema markup like FAQPage and HowTo schemas
  • Building citations and rich snippets to rank in featured snippets
  • Optimizing site architecture for natural dialogue flow

We ensure your eCommerce site’s content and structure are fully optimized to capture voice searchers.

We Integrate SEO and PPC Campaigns For Maximum Results, Too!

Aligning SEO and PPC further maximizes traffic and conversions. Our integrated organic and paid services include:

  • Using SEO keywords for paid search campaigns
  • Optimizing paid campaign landing pages for conversions
  • Monitoring search terms across organic and paid campaigns
  • Sharing link equity from SEO content to boost paid ads
  • Scaling budget between channels to balance growth
  • Uncovering high-converting keywords for further optimization

By coordinating SEO and PPC, we maximize your eCommerce site’s combined reach and hence, ROI!

Protect Your Ecommerce Website SEO During Website Migrations!

Transitioning web hosts or platforms can devastate SEO if not done properly. To optimize eCommerce site migrations we:

  • Use proper 301 redirects to retain link equity
  • Minimize downtime using staging/development sites
  • Follow best practices for moving platforms and content
  • Resubmit updated sitemaps to search engines
  • Monitor for ranking and indexing fluctuations
  • Quickly fix any migration-related issues

Don’t put your eCommerce SEO at risk during migrations – we’ll seamlessly transition while preserving organic performance!

Expert Content Marketing Services Included

Weak content hamstrings eCommerce SEO results. We strengthen your foundations with content that converts readers into buyers.
Our research-backed eCommerce content does the heavy lifting to:

  • Attract the right visitors
  • Provide helpful information
  • Build authority and trust
  • Push customers closer to a sale

Leave your website content to our eCommerce content experts and see your brand grow!

Achieve Your eCommerce Goals Through SEO

Tell us your biggest eCommerce challenges and goals, and we’ll craft an SEO strategy to meet them.
Here are some goals we help clients accomplish:

  • Increase monthly organic visitors: We reverse declining traffic by securing visibility for high-potential keywords.
  • Boost mobile conversions: Our technical SEO and conversion-focused content get more mobile visitors to buy.
  • Expand into new regions: We map expansion goals to geo-targeted SEO efforts.
  • Drive brick-and-mortar sales: Local SEO tactics connect online presence to offline purchases.
  • Lower cost-per-conversion: Conversions rise as we lower acquisition costs through organic.
  • Beat the competition: Our competitive analyses reveal exactly how to surpass rivals in rankings.
  • Launch new products: We build launches around SEO to immediately capture interested searchers.

No matter your goal, we tailor an SEO strategy to support it.
Ready to discuss how customized eCommerce SEO can accelerate your business growth?
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Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your current business goals and online store needs.

We’ll assess your current SEO visibility and performance. Then, we’ll provide specific recommendations tailored to your eCommerce brand and customers.
You’ll hang up with actionable takeaways to immediately advance organic growth—at no cost or commitment.

Let’s discuss how Mindflow Marketing can amplify your eCommerce store revenue through our industry-leading SEO services!

FAQs On Our Ecommerce SEO Services

What is your experience optimizing eCommerce websites on [specific platform like Shopify, Magento, etc.]?

We have 15+ experience optimizing eCommerce stores on all major platforms, including Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and other custom platforms.

How can you help our eCommerce site expand into new international markets?

Our team takes a holistic approach when optimizing eCommerce sites for international expansion. Our team of SEO focuses on researching keywords and search behavior for target countries, translating content, optimizing for local SERPs, building country-specific backlinks, and adapting strategies to follow international SEO best practices.

What reporting do you provide on eCommerce KPIs like product page rankings, site revenue, etc.?

We provide complete eCommerce SEO reporting tailored to your business goals. This can include tracking product page rankings, organic traffic to key pages, conversions and sales from organic, new vs. returning visitor metrics, revenue over time, and ROI tracking based on marketing costs.

How Do You Handle Google Shopping Campaigns?

From ensuring your product feeds are fully optimized to helping enhance campaign elements like shopping ads and Merchant Center accounts, our team can provide end-to-end optimization of your Google Shopping campaigns and integration with core SEO efforts.

How do you optimize an eCommerce site for voice search?

Voice search optimization tactics include creating content focused on conversational long-tail keywords, optimizing for featured snippets, leveraging structured data like FAQ schema, and updating site architecture to be more conversational. We’ll ensure your site architecture and content meet the unique needs of voice searches.

What SEO tasks do you handle vs. needing our internal team’s support?

We take care of core SEO execution like content creation, link building, and technical optimizations while training your team on foundational SEO best practices so they can support initiatives. Based on your needs, we can be fully hands-on or even collaborate with internal teams.

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