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Are you an Atlanta business struggling to attract new customers and make yourself visible in Google and other search engines? You’re not alone. Thousands of companies across Georgia are losing revenue every single day to competitors ranking higher digitally.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

As Atlanta’s premier search engine optimization (SEO) agency focused on measurable ROI, Amadeus Consulting delivers customized SEO solutions that guarantee page 1 Google rankings and increased profits within just months for small and medium sized businesses across the city.

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How Proper SEO Helps Atlanta SMBs Get More Customers

By optimizing technical SEO issues, improving on-site signals and building high-quality backlink profiles across the web, Amadeus Consulting is able to boost clients’ local search rankings substantially, earning those critical page 1 and top 5 organic positions.

The impact of reaching page 1 is substantial:

  • Most searchers never click past page 1, so claiming top spots earns you up 94% more website traffic.
  • Consistently ranking #1-5 means your site is displayed 3-4 times more prominently in results over lower competitors.
  • High authority backlink profiles improve click-through-rates from search listings by 25% or more by improving trust signals.
  • First page rankings mean more conversions and sales as you present yourself above all competitors. Our clients average 2x more revenue over 90 days after reaching page 1.

Don’t allow your brand to get drowned out by competitors just because you haven’t implemented proper SEO foundations. Amadeus Consulting can help you claim page 1 immediately and start earning 5-10x more locally targeted website visitors from search engines, feeding directly into increased revenues month-over-month.

Our comprehensive SEO solutions help you claim those critical top spots immediately so you stop losing revenue and start dominating the first page where visibility and profits are highest.



Web Design and SEO Services

Transform Your Online Presence with Proven SEO Experts

We are top rated SEO consultants blending proven tactics with in-depth analytics across multiple services:

  • Technical SEO Audits
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Local SEO Strategies
  • Link Building Campaigns
  • Content Marketing Services
  • PPC Advertising Management

This comprehensive approach jumps clients ahead of competitors so you gain an immediate surge of new website traffic, phone calls, and sales opportunities.

Schedule a Complimentary SEO Strategy Session

The Urgent Need for SEO Among Atlanta Businesses

Recent studies have shown that 97% of all web traffic goes to websites on page 1 of search engines, with over 75% of clicks going to the top 5 listings alone. Simply put, if your local business isn’t ranking high in searches related to your products and services, you are losing a tremendous number of potential customers to competitors each and every day.

Common SEO Challenges Faced By Atlanta SMBs

Many small and medium sized businesses across Atlanta struggle with a range of SEO challenges that hurt their online visibility and prevent them from ranking high in local searches:

Outdated On-Site Optimization

  • Using weak title tags, meta descriptions, headings and URL structures that aren’t optimized with targeted keywords. This fails to signal relevance to search engines.

Low Quality Backlink Profiles

  • Lacking enough high-quality external websites linking back to your site with anchor text relevant to your products and services. Low quality links signal low authority.

Thin, Non-Optimized Website Content

  • Not publishing regular fresh content like blog posts that target local SEO keywords and answer customer search intent. Thin sites send poor signals.

Technical Errors and Site Speed Issues

  • Critical technical errors, insecure sites, broken links, site speed delays. Technical issues result in poor crawling, indexing and rankings.

No Local Signals for Location-Based Searches

  • Forgetting critical local SEO signals like Google My Business data, reviews, citations and proper location tags. This hurts visibility for location-based customer searches.

Outdated SEO Tactics

  • Using outdated, ineffective tactics like keyword stuffing, hidden text, paid links schemes. Google’s constant algorithm updates heavily penalize these tactics.

Why Choose Amadeus Consulting as Your Atlanta SEO Agency

With over a decade of experience helping SMBs across Atlanta build effective SEO foundations and dominate page 1 rankings, Amadeus Consulting stands as the city’s top full-service digital marketing agency for companies who want to grow faster online.

We drive success through customized solutions, guaranteed results, and a truly partnered approach focused on your ongoing revenue growth.

Utilizing SEO Audit Tools For Digital Marketing Success

A proper SEO and digital marketing strategy starts with audits. Our technical audits identify website errors, site speed and optimization issues that once corrected will directly lead to improved organic visibility and more inbound traffic to your site.

To compliment these technical audits, we also perform in-depth performance audits comparing your current website traffic, conversions, rankings and digital presence against top competitors. These competitive audits reveal precise conversion optimization and traffic growth opportunities for your brand.

Role Of Social Media Marketing In Atlanta Business Growth

While strong SEO builds critical organic foundations, social media and its billions of active users present additional traffic and conversion potential for brands promoting themselves properly on networks like Facebook, Instagram and beyond.

That’s why our social campaigns are tailored around your goals and optimal platforms, fueled by paid advertising plans that further distribute your content and offers directly to ideal hyper targeted audiences throughout Atlanta and Georgia.

Effective Keyword Research For Ranking In Search Engines

The foundation of effective SEO begins with identifying precisely what your potential customers are searching for related to your business offerings in Atlanta and nationally. Our team performs manual keyword research coupled with scientific tools to uncover the top terms and phrases driving meaningful organic traffic.

We match these high-potential keywords and topics directly to fresh website and blog content that answers searcher intent while organically building relevance to earn higher local rankings.

Benefits Of Integrating SEO Strategies In Web Design

Your website’s design impacts conversions but also SEO authority. Our technical recommendations and UI best practices make sites easily crawlable by Google while providing fast load times and seamless navigation that increases time on site.

Strategic content hierarchy, page templates and URL structures also boost overall search visibility through improved click-through-rates.

Flexible Contracts

We understand that committing to long term digital marketing contracts can feel uncomfortable without knowing precise returns.

That’s why Amadeus Consulting offers flexible month-to-month agreements on all SEO services so Atlanta small businesses can feel confident investing in new marketing growth strategies.

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, you have the flexibility to pause or cancel efforts risk-free. We also guarantee first page rankings within 90 days or offer an additional 6 months of optimization work free of charge.

With this risk-free approach, you can partner with Atlanta’s top SEO company without getting locked into long term agreements. Focus is solely set on driving powerful marketing ROI month after month.

Competitive And Transparent Pricing

We believe SEO success starts with trust. That means complete pricing transparency from day one, with no hidden fees ever. As a local agency, our rates are highly competitive – drastically lower than large national firms charging double or triple to small businesses in Atlanta without getting drastically better results.

Every recommendation comes with precisely detailed costs so you have full visibility before moving forward with new growth initiatives. No surprise bills or padded contracts. Contract lengths, budgets and all services are 100% customized to your needs. This flexibility and high value approach has fueled our growth to serving 980+ clients across Georgia.

Let our SEO difference add directly to your bottom line with honest, fair pricing and a truly transparent partnership built on results – not bloated contracts.

Implementing Successful Marketing Strategies For Local Businesses

As an Atlanta agency working with SMBs for over 10 years, we know precisely how to build comprehensive digital marketing campaigns that attract more local customers. Our strategies not only get clients ranked #1 immediately for valuable search terms but also directly convert visitors into leads and sales via optimized on-site offers, frictionless calls-to-action and tailored landing pages that promote conversions.

Our Core SEO Services For Atlanta Businesses

With over 10 years of proven success helping local companies across Atlanta, Amadeus Consulting offers customized SEO campaigns tailored to your specific industry and business goals.

Our core services include:

Keyword Research

Robust keyword research is the foundation of an effective SEO strategy. By identifying the precise terms and phrases your potential customers are using to search for services related to your business, we can optimize your pages directly around ranking for those high value keywords.

Our keyword research includes:

  • 50-100 primary and secondary keyword targets
  • Localized keywords for geographic optimizations
  • Long tail keyword opportunities driving targeted traffic
  • Analyzing monthly search volume and competition
  • Optimizing page content to directly match keyword intent

Proper keyword research is critical because:

  • It reveals customer search behavior and needs
  • The exact words users type dictates which pages they find
  • Aligning content to keyword intent earns higher rankings
  • More relevant pages attract more qualified visitors

Ongoing keyword expansions allow us to access new optimization opportunities over time.

Local SEO

For Atlanta businesses who need more local customers, our location-based optimization helps you rank high in local packed and map results.

We implement important local SEO elements like:

  • Google My Business listings
  • Address, name and phone number (NAP) citations
  • Customer ratings and reviews
  • Local schema and structured data
  • Area pages and landing pages

Optimizing for local SEO is vital because:

  • Over 93% of searches have local intent
  • Local pack results get 90% of local traffic
  • Top 3 map pack rankings see 70%+ click-throughs
  • Users make location assumptions by rankings

Capturing more local customers guides more foot traffic and qualified leads into your business locations across Atlanta metro areas. Our local SEO generates 471% higher locally targeted website visitors on average.

On-Page Optimization

We perform comprehensive on-page optimization across all elements that impact organic rankings and click-through rates:

Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

  • Strategic title tags with primary and secondary keywords
  • Unique, compelling meta descriptions that boost click-through rates
  • A/B testing various tag and meta language for improved CTR

URL Structure

  • Keyword-optimized page URLs and slugs
  • Clean architecture and taxonomy for easy crawling
  • 301 redirects from old to new URLs

Content Optimization

  • In-depth pillar content and blog posts for better dwell time signals
  • Dynamic keyword insertion aligned to search intent
  • Related internal linking to improve page authority flows
  • Prominent media elements like images, graphics and video

HTML Code Validation

  • Validating code to Web Consortium standards
  • Improving code quality for faster parse times
  • Optimizing code delivery for core web vitals

Site Speed and Performance

  • Page caching and CDN to serve pages faster
  • Lazy loading media for quicker initial loads
  • Image compression for faster downloads
  • Eliminating render blocking resources
  • Upgrading web hosting capacity


  • ARIA tags for improved screen reader usage
  • Color contrast adherence to minimum 4.5:1 standards
  • Keyboard compatibility for handicapped navigation
  • Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) for mobility

Mobile Responsiveness

  • Fully responsive design across all devices
  • Tap targets and touch optimization for better UX
  • Structured data and app links for app traffic

Off-Page Optimization

We strengthen rankings with strategic off-page signals:

Link Building

  • Manual outreach to earn backlinks from tier 1 industry websites
  • Cultivating relationships with providers to build a natural linking profile

Social Signals

  • Sharing content across social media platforms
  • Encouraging social sharing and engagement
  • Monitoring volume and velocity of social signals

Press Mentions

  • Distributing releases to press for potential news pickups
  • Securing interviews with industry publications
  • Promoting branded and contributed content

Local Listings

  • Complete and consistent NAP citations across 50+ directories
  • Categorization for better indexing potentials
  • Syndicating content to niche directories

Reviews and Ratings

  • Generating more positive online reviews
  • Responding professionally to any negative feedback
  • Encouraging customers to leave feedback

Local Schema Markup

  • Structured data for search engine comprehension
  • Rich results for map pack listings
  • Store locators and business info for better on-SERP visibility


  • Connecting Google Analytics, Search Console, etc.
  • Goal creation and ecommerce tracking
  • Optimizing pages per visitor behavior insights
  • Generating monthly SEO reports/calls

We leave no stone unturned in creating the strong on and off-page signals that contribute directly to higher local search rankings across all major search engines like Google.

Link Building

Link building remains one of the highest ranking factors used by Google. By manually acquiring backlinks from quality industry websites, we signal increased authority and relevance to your site which directly improves organic visibility and traffic.

Our custom link building process includes:

  • Securing backlinks from 20-50 powerful, tier 1 industry websites
  • Cultivating relationships with site owners for sustainable links
  • Contextually placed links using your target keywords as anchor text
  • Syndicating content to quality industry resources

Link building is important for higher rankings because backlinks:

  • Improve domain and page authority in Google’s eyes
  • Signal trust and credibility to search algorithms
  • Contribute direct keyword relevancy signals
  • Increase overall website traffic and brand visibility

We focus exclusively on manual white hat link building strategies to avoid risks of Google penalties. Continuous new links provide ongoing rankings lift.

Content Writing

Optimized website content remains crucial for on-page optimization. By creating monthly blog articles and fresh website copy targeted around primary customer keywords, we fuel organic growth and audience development over time.

Our content writing services include:

  • 10-15 new long form blog articles per month
  • Keyword focused articles 1800 – 3000 words long
  • Topic clusters focused around related keywords
  • Promoting content across social media platforms

Optimized and updated content is important because:

  • Fresh pages signal site relevancy to Google
  • Improve opportunity for high rankings when optimized
  • New pages indexed faster to generate traffic
  • Long form content boosts visitor time-on-site
  • Promotes natural link and social sharing opportunities

Together, optimized content and smart link building drive higher visibility results.

Technical SEO

Optimizing the technical foundations of your website is crucial for achieving high search visibility. Our technical audits and solutions ensure your site architecture, speed and security meet all best practices.

Technical SEO services include:

  • Eliminating crawling errors and broken links
  • Ensuring proper URL redirects
  • Improving site speed load times
  • Optimizing page architecture
  • Cleaning up duplicate content issues
  • Securing sites with SSL certificates
  • Fixing mobile responsiveness issues
  • Correcting structured data errors
  • Improving accessibility standards

Robust technical SEO is important because:

  • Fixes allow search engines to properly crawl sites
  • Fast load times keep visitors longer (improved dwell time)
  • Secure sites build user trust and satisfaction
  • Structured data feeds rich organizational information
  • Accessibility allows access for more visitors

Ongoing technical optimizations continue elevating performance.

eCommerce SEO

For online stores, we optimize multiple elements for increased sales:

Product SEO:

  • Optimized product title tags and descriptions
  • Comprehensive long form product detail pages
  • Comparison tables for better buyer research
  • Optimizing pages for keywords with buying intent

Category and Taxonomy Optimization:

  • Keyword-optimized categories and sub-categories
  • Intuitive site navigation and architecture
  • Layered filtering for refined user searching

Advanced eCommerce SEO:

  • Implementing schema mark-up across all pages and products
  • Structured data feeds for easier indexing
  • Image SEO through alt text and title tags
  • Video SEO for engaging product pages

Robust eCommerce SEO solutions lead to:

  • Higher product and brand visibility in searches
  • Increased qualified organic traffic to your online storefront pages
  • More add to cart actions per visitor
  • Higher average order values

Together this results in boosted online sales and revenues.

Franchise SEO

For multi-location franchises, we tailor optimization strategies to rank your national website, franchise review pages, and every bricks-and-mortar location high in local organic searches.

Our franchise SEO includes:

  • National and regional ranking strategies
  • Optimizing franchise marketing resources
  • Generating positive local citations and reviews
  • Building location specific service pages
  • Targeting local map pack rankings

Effective franchise SEO produces:

  • More national franchise leads and opportunities
  • Increased local brand awareness for all locations
  • Higher foot traffic to individual franchise sites

This drives more sales for franchises as customers easily find and engage your brand across regions.


Beyond organic rankings, paid search ads put your brand and offers in front of high-intent consumers’ right when they search for related products and services online. Our managed SEM/PPC includes:

  • Google Ads management
  • Keyword targeting aligned to SEO
  • Day-parting strategies for optimal visibility
  • Landing page testing for higher conversions
  • Drag and drop dashboard for real-time insights
  • Dynamic bid strategies to maximize ROI

The power of search ads is:

  • You only pay when people click your ad
  • Ads appear above organic rankings
  • Complete control over targeting options
  • Flexible daily budgets aligned to goals

SEM and SEO together provide a complete inbound marketing solution.

Tangible Results and ROI For Atlanta Companies

We understand SEO can feel overwhelming if you don’t have experience in website analytics and online visibility.

That’s why we make it simple by focusing everything around tangible results and return on investment. No more guessing if your SEO efforts are working.

Here is the precise data-focused results and visibility our past clients in Atlanta have experienced:

  • 950% average increase in organic traffic within 6 months
  • Over 2x more website visitors per month (on average)
  • An additional $26,400 yearly revenue per client
  • 57% average increase in lead conversions
  • 471% growth in locally targeted website visitors

We track and report all key metrics in our custom dashboards updated in real-time, so you always know exactly how much your SEO is impacting your bottom line each day, week, and month.

No more guessing or hoping if that expensive SEO service is delivering real ROI. We take out all the performance risk and make it easy.

A Team of Experienced Atlanta SEO Experts

100% First Page Rankings

As part of our bold guarantees of client results, Amadeus Consulting’s customized campaigns deliver a 100% first page ranking guarantee for Atlanta businesses. We will get you ranked on page 1 of search engines within 90 days, or provide an additional 6 months of SEO work at no further cost.

Our proprietary optimization process including in-depth keyword research and technical audits, allows us to provide the following precise guarantees to every Atlanta SEO client:

  • 100% first page rankings for all primary keywords within 90 days
  • An average 571% increase in locally targeted organic traffic within 120 days
  • Over 2X more website visitors and leads per month
  • 4X improved search click-through-rates and visibility against competitors

This guarantee provides a risk-free way for Atlanta businesses to quickly achieve the #1 search visibility needed for beating local competitors and boosting monthly revenues immediately.

A Promising Team of SEO Experts in Atlanta

With a dedicated team of 20+ digital marketing experts and SEO specialists focused solely on helping Georgia businesses grow, Amadeus Consulting has accumulated vast data and hands-on expertise related to optimizing websites for local Atlanta and national search performance.

Our SEO team possesses key skills including:

  • Advanced Google Analytics configuration
  • Conversion tracking set up
  • Website crawl analysis
  • Indexing troubleshooting
  • Link building outreach
  • On-page optimization
  • Landing page construction
  • Dynamic keyword research
  • Geo-targeted SEO
  • Site speed optimization
  • Local schema markup implementation

This breadth of technical capabilities allows us to find quick search visibility wins for clients, while implementing sustainable long term optimization for ongoing traffic and revenue growth month after month.

Budget Friendly SEO Packages for Atlanta Small Businesses

We understand that small and medium-sized businesses in Atlanta often operate on tight marketing budgets. That is why Amadeus Consulting offers affordable and flexible SEO solutions tailored specifically for SMBs in the area looking to improve their search visibility without breaking the bank.

SEO Starter Package

Our SMB Starter SEO plan focuses on vital on-page optimizations and content enhancement to start building organic visibility.

This budget Atlanta small business SEO package includes:

10 Keyword Focused Blog Articles Per Month
Complete On-Page Optimization Audit
Title & Meta Description Fixes
Image SEO Improvements
Link Insertions Between Existing Content
Quarterly Link Prospecting Reports

Monthly Cost: $X99

Perfect for newer SMB websites looking for entry level visibility gains.

Local Rank Tracking & Link Building

This high value plan adds rankings tracking and manual link building to our starter on-page SEO.

The package also includes:

Daily Position Tracking and Reporting for 10 Keywords
12 Quality Link Insertions Per Month on Manual Basis
Optimizing and Expediting Link Velocity as you Rank Higher
Ongoing Link Opportunity Identification

Monthly Cost: $X49

Ideal for local service based businesses seeking local SEO boosts.

Performance SEO for Atlanta Businesses

Our powerful mid-tier monthly SEO solution combines content, technical optimization, backlink acquisition and more:

20 Articles Per Month with Embeds
Technical/On-page Optimization
30 Manual Tier 1 Link Insertions Monthly
Digital Marketing Analysis and Insights
Ad Testing and Dynamic PPC Management

Monthly Cost: $X99

Scales Atlanta companies who want accelerated growth, more business leads and sales.

Completely Customized SEO Campaigns

For those wanting truly tailored SEO plans crafted precisely for their niche, industry, locations and budget, our SEO specialists create 100% customized ongoing optimization roadmaps guaranteeing more revenue and first page rankings in 90 days.

Flexible monthly investments customized for your growth goals and objectives.

Let us perform a comprehensive free website audit and then tailor a specific plan documenting the SEO tactics that will deliver results for your business.

Our Core Technical SEO Tools For Guaranteed Client Success

At Amadeus Consulting, we utilize an extensive suite of high-quality SEO software and analytics platforms to deliver custom-tailored optimization strategies that get our clients ranked #1 in Google.

Our technical SEO toolkit includes:

Ahrefs – Our premier solution for discovering valuable backlink opportunities through competitor link analysis while tracking our client’s domain and page authority metrics month over month.

Moz Pro – Moz provides exceptional site crawl capabilities allowing us to perform in-depth technical and architecture audits ensuring proper on-page optimization.

Screaming Frog – Perfect for diagnosing and fixing advanced technical SEO issues like broken links, duplicate content, indexing directives and page speed problems.

Semrush – Semrush fuels our core keyword research providing search volume, competition data and Topic Research tools for content planning and topic clustering frameworks.

Rank Ranger – With Rank Ranger we can monitor our client’s keyword rankings daily across Google ensuring their visibility within profitable search terms.

Google Analytics – Our dashboards connect to GA showing goal completions, lead tracking, conversion rates and other critical campaign performance data.

SurferSEO – Surfer automates technical site audits at scale, accelerating the discovery of crucial errors and issues impacting organic rankings.

This best-in-class martech stack allows Amadeus Consulting to implement proven SEO optimization frameworks tailored to each client’s specific business goals and targets. Our experts translate deep analytic insights into actionable strategies that guaranteed increased organic visibility, website traffic, phone calls, and sales month over month.

Let us accelerate your growth through comprehensive SEO fueled by industry leading tools and analytics. Request a free website audit and analysis to start immediately.

Don’t Get Left Behind on Page 2…or Worse

As the top data-driven SEO agency helping Atlanta companies claim page 1 and maximize search visibility, Amadeus Consulting is ready to accelerate your organic growth immediately.

We begin every new client partnership with a completely free and no-obligation SEO website audit and competitive analysis.

Our audit gives you precise visibility into:

Current SEO tactical strengths and weaknesses
Fixes needed to start ranking higher
How you currently compare against top competitors
Quick growth areas and long term ranking opportunities
Traffic and conversions lost due to poor visibility
An exact blueprint detailing the keywords, pages and strategies guaranteed to help you start dominating page 1 rankings immediately

Get Your Custom SEO Audit

Our comprehensive audits form the basis of effective optimization plans tailored specifically to your website and goals.

Upon audit completion, we provide Atlanta SEO consulting to create the perfect data-driven roadmap to monthly growth, more revenue and truly guaranteeing first page Google rankings.

Book us now! 

We focus these skills through a truly white glove service philosophy that makes your success our #1 priority through:

👉 Custom Solutions, Not Cookie Cutter – Tailored strategies based around your specific vision and goals
👉 Complete Transparency – We share everything we do to give you total visibility
👉 ROI Focused – Returns from our efforts directly impact your bottom line

Monthly calls give you dedicated time with our SEO experts for planning, data analysis, strategy and goal setting. This close partnership allows us to guarantee rankings, traffic growth and profits.

Let us accelerate your digital marketing success starting with a free custom assessment.

We can’t wait to partner together towards page 1!


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