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Social media is no longer an optional choice for your business, it’s a necessity!

91% of all online consumers rely on social media to make their purchasing decisions, which means failing to establish and strengthen your presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn means leaving money on the table!

Luckily, our expert social media team at Amadeus Consulting creates and implements a proven, results-driven social media strategy customized for your unique business. We’ve helped dozens of Macon companies transform their social media presence into a powerful lead generation and sales channel.

Let us analyze where you currently stand and take your social media to the next level!

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Is Social Media Marketing Worth My Investment?

Did you know the average American spends 2 hours and 24 minutes browsing social media every day?

Social platforms now reach a combined total of 4.2 billion users globally!

In other words, social media offers direct and unparalleled access to your target consumers. Implemented correctly, it serves as an invaluable channel for:

✅ Brand awareness & recognition

✅ Community engagement & management

✅ Lead generation

✅ Increased website traffic

✅ Higher sales

Without an active social media presence, you miss out on crucial opportunities to interact with prospects and move them down the sales funnel. Our clients who invest in professional social management and paid social media advertising enjoy:

🔺 55% more website traffic

🔺 3X more leads

🔺 5X higher conversion rates

🔺 87% greater brand impression

And those who don’t? They struggle with subpar performance and plateauing growth.

Don’t leave your Macon business behind!

Let our social experts develop the smart strategy, proven campaigns, and engaging content reflect your brand’s true potential!

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Get Ready to Convert Visitors into Customers.

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Our Macon Social Media Services To Improve Your Brand Awareness And Get More Sales!

Amadeus Consulting offers full-service social media solutions tailored to your precise needs and goals at budget-friendly prices.

Our innovative social media experts take the time to understand your business, brand persona, ideal consumer, and past marketing efforts before making data-driven recommendations.

Here’s what our comprehensive services include:

Social Media Strategy Development

A strong social media strategy aligned with wider business objectives is important for success.

Our strategic planning process gives you:

🔹 Target Audience Persona – We conduct in-depth consumer and competitor research to determine who you should be targeting and why.

🔹 Social Media Platform & Channel Selection – Next, our team identifies the 2-3 most relevant social media platforms for engaging your defined personas. Too many channels spread resources thin!

🔹 Performance Benchmarks – We establish clear monthly KPIs for each channel centered around engagement, lead generation, and sales.

🔹 Posting Framework – Optimal posting cadences per platform are set to ensure content remains visible and impactful.

🔹 Campaign Ideas – We brainstorm creative campaign concepts designed to boost community interaction and brand awareness.

With a smart social media strategy in hand, you’ll attract more qualified traffic that converts!

Social Media Management

Our seasoned marketing professionals become your dedicated social media team, managing every aspect of your brand’s presence, including:

🔸 Community Management/Page Management – We actively nurture your communities by promptly responding to comments, questions, and messages with a consistent brand voice.

🔸 Engaging Content Creation/Graphic design – Our creative team develops branded content including captions, images, videos, livestreams, Stories, Reels and more. All our content drives engagement over different social media sites to strengthen your customer base and generate leads!

🔸 Competitor Benchmarking – We routinely analyze your top competitors’ social activity for strategies to replicate and pitfalls to avoid.

🔸 Performance Reporting – You receive custom monthly reports highlighting key engagement and conversion metrics and actionable recommendations for improvement.

Forget worrying about producing daily content or monitoring different platforms. Our management frees up internal resources while ensuring your brand puts its best face forward on social media 24/7.

Social Media Advertising

Social media ads help brands reach consumers beyond existing followers by appearing directly in their feeds. Our data-driven paid ad management provides:

🔹 Audience Targeting – We identify and target demographic, geographic, behavioral, and interest-based market segments tailored for your goods/services.

🔹 Campaign Optimization – Through continual A/B testing and performance tracking, we determine what messaging resonates and then refine approaches to maximize your ROI.

🔹 Budget Allocation – Available ad spend is distributed across multiple campaigns and platforms to effectively nurture cold leads into loyal brand advocates.

We currently manage $250K+ in paid social media spend each month for various local Macon businesses through various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more! Our paid social media campaigns drive conversions and foster lasting connections with new consumers.

Additional Social Media Marketing Services

🔸 1) Influencer Marketing – Aligning with relevant social media influencers expands your reach exponentially. We identify and vet potential brand ambassadors and then negotiate partnerships guaranteed to provide positive ROI.

🔸 2) Social Media Selling – Our experts convert your social presence into a personalized ecommerce channel using shoppable posts. This provides followers with a seamless, omnichannel buying experience right from their feeds.

🔸 3) Social Customer Service – Quick, empathetic responses to comments and messages can turn dissatisfied prospects into delighted customers. We act as your customers’ advocate, resolving issues on time through social media.

No matter what your specific needs and goals are, our customized social media solutions get you measurable results fast!

What Sets Amadeus Consulting Apart From Other Agencies?

Amadeus Consulting is Macon’s preferred social media marketing partner delivering proven solutions centered around your unique KPIs.

Here’s why 200+ local enterprises trust us with their social presence:

🌟 8+ Years Serving Macon Businesses

Our Macon roots run deep. We have an established reputation for helping regional organizations boost social engagement and online conversions since 2015.

🌟 Tailored Strategies, Not Cookie-Cutter

We take the time to understand your organization and goals, then develop fully customized social tactics aligned to wider objectives versus adopting one-size-fits-all approaches.

🌟 Real People Managing Your Brand

Our small, U.S.-based team actively nurtures your social channels daily. No outsourcing of account management overseas. You work directly with our social experts.

🌟 Complete Transparency

We provide full access to your social accounts along with custom monthly performance reports detailing campaign progress and the spend. No hidden fees or activities.

🌟 Optimized for Lead Generation

Driving quality traffic that converts is the core focus of our social efforts, not vanity metrics like likes and shares. We maximize post engagement and then retarget high-potential leads into sales.

Our unique social media marketing process delivers proven results for our clients month after month.

Let us develop your marketing plan today!

Social Media Marketing Platforms We Focus On!

We strategically leverage the top social media sites and apps – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest – to fuel measurable business growth based on your audience, industry, and goals.

A) Facebook Marketing

With 3 billion+ daily active users, Facebook offers an unrivaled scale for brands seeking greater online visibility and engagement. Our Facebook campaigns help clients:

🔰 Increase website traffic and sales via ads, organic content shares & lead gen forms

🔰 Foster branded communities that drive reviews and recommendations

🔰 Promote local events, special offers, new products, and more through videos and image posts

🔰 Humanize your brand and strengthen consumer connections

🔰 Deliver shoppable user experiences blending social media and e-commerce

We tailor our Facebook initiatives to your KPIs while ensuring relevance to the platform’s evolving algorithm and best practices.

B) Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the #1 channel for visually engaging Gen Z and Millennials. Our brands creatively leverage Instagram to:

🔰 Share “behind-the-scenes” content and user-generated content spotlighting customers

🔰 Run targeted Instagram ads to increase high-quality followers

🔰 Promote shoppable posts and new product releases

🔰 Educate consumers through Stories, Reels, and IGTVs

🔰 Partner with influencers and brand ambassadors

🔰 Foster UGC conversations via hashtags and Explore

We help you develop genuine connections through Instagram’s interactive, ephemeral content capabilities.

C) LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn serves as the preeminent platform for B2B lead generation thanks to its 875 million members. Our LinkedIn marketing services help clients:

🔰 Establish thought leadership via regular industry updates, insider tips, and how-to articles

🔰 Create and distribute engaging video and image posts to relevant niche communities

🔰 Run accurate lead gen form and job ad campaigns

🔰 Connect with prospects through customized InMail outreach sequences

🔰 Grow pre-qualified leads for high-ticket products and services

Whether promoting a new ebook, hosting a web conference, or driving registrations for a local event, our LinkedIn campaigns deliver more inbound inquiries and sales from professionals.

D) Twitter Marketing

While smaller in scale than other social sites, Twitter’s 500 million users tend to be journalists, thought leaders, and industry professionals – high-value targets for B2B brands. Our Twitter marketing solutions enable businesses to:

🔰 Join larger conversations via branded hashtags and @mentions drawing niche prospects

🔰 Share developments and run polls prompting audience responses

🔰 Promote content downloads, newsletter sign-ups, and special events through ad units

🔰 Rapidly address customer issues and questions

🔰 Establish niche thought leadership with regular industry insights

We develop Twitter initiatives as part of larger social ecosystems to raise awareness and engagement among decision-makers.

E) YouTube Marketing

YouTube dominates social media video – the fastest-growing online content category – making it a must for interactive brands. Our video marketing tactics help businesses:

🔰 Launch branded video channels publishing vlogs, product tours, tutorials, and more

🔰 Promote shoppable demo videos to boost ecommerce conversions

🔰 Recycle top-performing Facebook/Instagram videos

🔰 Develop serial video content prompting viewers to subscribe and watch more

🔰 Advertise to warm prospect pools via Google’s Display Network

We transform YouTube into a lead-gen workhorse while showcasing your brand personality beyond commerce-focused ads.

F) Pinterest Marketing

While smaller than leading platforms, Pinterest and its 400 million primarily female users love engaging with aspirational brand content. Our Pinterest support helps companies:

🔰 Curate shoppable Idea Boards aligned to customer interests and needs

🔰 Drive website traffic and product sales via promoted pins

🔰 Launch click-to-buy catalogs making purchases seamless

🔰 Inspire consumers with boards celebrating your culture, values, and community

🔰 Attract leads through SEO thanks to the site’s high search visibility

Pinterest perfectly complements ecommerce brands looking to inspire consumers while making the path to purchase as seamless as possible.

Hear From Our Happy Customers!

Amadeus Consulting Digital Marketing Agency manages the social presence and paid advertising for over 300 regional enterprises. Our clients achieve an average 735% return on their investment working with us. Just read what business owners have to say:

Macon Nutrition Center

“We struggled for years to gain traction on social media and convert followers into paying members. The team at Amadeus Consulting helped us craft nutrition-focused content that really resonates with our audience. In just 8 months, we’ve increased our social community by 46% and added 152 new program members.”

Lewis Construction

“As a veteran construction firm, we didn’t have much of an online presence. Amadeus Consulting designed a remarkable LinkedIn campaign for us highlighting our use of innovative techniques and materials in recent projects. It positioned us as industry thought leaders. Our sales leads are up 76% this year without increasing spend!”

Annabelle’s Bakery

“Past social marketing agencies just posted random food pics and called it a day. Amadeus Consulting takes a much more strategic approach, integrating online and offline efforts into sales-driving campaigns. Their social efforts helped us launch our new line of artisan breads directly to those most interested. We simply love their work!”

See more Macon small business success stories here!

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