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Did you know 65% of consumers click on paid ads, clicking paid promotions over organic search results by a 2:1 margin?

More people are drawn to sponsored links and paid search results now than ever before. That’s why professional pay-per-click (PPC) management is important for any Macon business looking to drive traffic and boost conversions in today’s landscape.

With our expert PPC campaign management, we can help your ads capture consumer attention just like the 65% who are already clicking paid promotions over organic alternatives.

Let our team craft and refine a strategic, data-informed PPC campaign targeting your most profitable audiences!

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Amadeus Consulting - Your #1 PPC Management Company

If you run a business in Macon, you’ve probably tried online advertising or heard promises of unmatched growth, yet struggled to make sense of all the options out there. Between flashy Facebook ads, confusing PPC lingo, and slick marketers overpromising, it’s tough knowing where to start.

That’s where we come in…

At Amadeus Consulting, we cut through the hype and provide straightforward PPC campaign management to take busy Macon business owners from digital cluelessness to profitability. For over a decade, SMBs across every industry have turned to us as the trusted local PPC specialists dedicated to one thing only: Driving real, trackable ROI through Google ads, social media advertisement, and display ads on reputable websites.

We The Best PPC Experts And Consultants!

Our team isn’t made up of generalist digital marketers, they are certified PPC nerds obsessed with the intricacies of pay-per-click advertising. When Google releases an update, they soak up every detail so we can keep your campaigns optimized. These platform expertise and analytical skills are why our clients consistently achieve 2-5X ROI on ad spend month after month.

We offer a “Growth Or Free” Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll see real business growth from the money you spend on paid search ads with us.


Through meticulous management, constant testing, and transparent reporting. We’ll take you through the proven process we’ve perfected that ensures your ads reach high-intent audiences, drive targeted traffic to your site, and convert visitors into quality leads and sales. If you don’t love the results within 90 days, you pay nothing

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Get Ready to Convert Visitors into Customers.

With over 20 years of experience, our SEO consultants wouldn’t just help you to dominate your competitors on search engines, but will also use our unique and proven SEO strategy to turn your website visitors into customers.

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Perks of Implementing PPC Ad Campaigns

Pay-per-click advertising provides unmatched advantages compared to other digital marketing channels that make it a crucial component of an effective online strategy:

Higher Visibility – Top of SERPs

Well-optimized PPC ads put you on top of Google and Bing when users search for terms related to your products or services. This provides your business visibility even for competitive keywords in Macon that would be hard to rank organically.

Immediate Traffic and Leads

Once your ads are live, you can expect new visitors and conversions from day one. We help you identify buyer keywords so you reach audiences who are ready to take action when they click your ad. This leads to a faster sales cycle compared to waiting for organic rankings.

Precise Targeting Capabilities

Modern PPC platforms allow us to narrow down exactly who sees your ads based on their search query, location, demographics, behavior on your site, and more. This level of precision enables us to customize messaging to different audience segments.

Flexible Budgeting and Tracking

You have complete control over your daily and monthly ad spend. Scaled budgets ensure you get valuable data while limiting risk. Detailed analytics let us see which campaigns, ads, and keywords give the best ROI so we can optimize accordingly.

Testing and Optimization

We run A/B tests for ad copies, landing pages, bids, and targeting options and only scale what works. Continuous experimentation and refinement help improve conversions over time while staying profitable.

Our Data-Driven Approach To Digital Advertising

We get results from PPC by following a proven, methodical process backed by research and data:

Competitor Analysis

We analyze paid search Ads efforts by competitors in your niche to identify gaps and opportunities. This shows us where they are investing and the conversions being driven to set realistic goals.

Keyword Gap Analysis

Next, we run your website through leading keyword research tools to surface valuable search queries you are missing out on currently. We uncover buyer keywords your competitors may be bidding on that we can target.

Target Audience Persona Building

It’s impossible to appeal to everyone with one generic ad. That’s why we invest time upfront in figuring out the different segments that would find value in your offerings. We create detailed persona outlines covering demographics, intent, common objections, and more that guide campaign targeting and creatives.

Landing Page Optimization

Your PPC traffic is only valuable if visitors take action once they reach your site. We audit site content, navigation, forms, and calls to action to identify friction points holding back conversions. Our design team addresses these issues so inbound leads convert at the highest percentages.

Conversion Tracking Setup

The true indication of PPC success comes down to sales generated, not vanity metrics like clicks or impressions. We implement in-depth tracking and analytics across your website and ads so nothing falls through the cracks. Common events we monitor include phone call leads, online form fills, PDF downloads, purchases, and more. This data lets us calculate true ROI.

Tailored PPC Campaign Management

We customize every aspect of your pay-per-click campaigns based on your unique offerings, target customer profile, and business goals. Our hands-on management process includes:

Extensive Keyword Research

We leave no stone unturned while researching hundreds of valuable, long-tail keywords that enable your ads to be seen by high-intent searchers. The keywords powering your campaigns are an integral piece of the puzzle.

Geo-Targeting Macon Locations

As a Macon PPC agency, we have the flexibility to target local searchers by city (Warner Robins, Byron, etc), zip code, region, radius from location, household income, and more different options. Localization is key to connecting with nearby customers.

Dynamic Ad Copywriting

We create tightly-themed ad groups around each service, product line, or offer to keep messaging coherent. The ad copy balances your brand voice with actionable benefits backed by reviews, guarantees, and other social proof elements that get more clicks.

Daily Bid Adjustments

Bid levels are constantly monitored and optimized in each campaign to balance the volume of conversions with return on ad spend. We may pause poor-performing areas and raise bids where the opportunity lies so you get the highest quality traffic.

Regular Performance Reports

We believe in complete transparency when managing client budgets. You receive monthly reports covering key metrics like impressions, clicks, cost per conversion, conversion rate by ad/campaign, clickthrough rate, top converting keywords, and more to stay updated.

Integrations We Offer!

Our technical PPC experts can set up and manage pay-per-click ads across all major search platforms plus leverage extended networks:

Google Ads Management 

As a Premier Google Partner agency, we have extensive experience optimizing Google Ads accounts for businesses in competitive industries. Google’s display network and search ads reach 90% of internet users, representing a crucial component of your paid media mix. We will manage every aspect of your streamlined Google Ads account structure, keyword research, geo-targeted campaigns, ad testing, and placement strategies based on your KPIs.

Microsoft Ads

While Google dominates the search market share, millions still use Bing every month. Developing Microsoft Advertising campaigns allows us to hit additional high-intent users researching topics relevant to your business. Our Microsoft Ads program runs fully integrated with your Google Ads setup to expand exposure through similar targeting and optimization tactics tailored for the Bing network.

Facebook and Instagram Ads 

These platforms offer unparalleled options to segment audiences and create thumb-stopping visual ads optimized for mobile users. We identify best-fit interests, locations, and demographic factors to target based on your customer avatar.

LinkedIn Ads 

For B2B companies offering specialized services, LinkedIn advertising represents an untapped goldmine to fuel your lead gen. Their robust targeting options allow us to zone in on decision-makers based on parameters like job title, company size, industry, job functions, and professional skills. Our LinkedIn ad management expertise spans all formats including text ads, sponsored content, Message Ads, Conversation Ads, and more.

Local Service Ads 

Service area businesses must take advantage of Local Services ads only available on Google. These map-based ads show unique ad extensions when users search for related industry keywords near targeted geographic regions. Categories perfect for these specialized ads include plumbers, lawyers, contractors, fitness centers, home services, and more. 

Our Local Services setups help you stand out prominently with your name, address, phone, price range, and custom call-to-action button with directions.

Amazon PPC Ads 

An immense volume of product searches and purchases happen directly on Amazon itself. As eCommerce experts also selling on this behemoth marketplace, our Amazon advertising management uses sponsored products, sponsored brand campaigns, and headline search ads to maximize visibility for your listings. 

We run manual and automatic targeting around relevant keyword themes coupled with aggressive bid strategies aimed at winning top placements when Amazon shoppers search for associated products.

Search Ads 

Text-based search ads are the bread and butter of our PPC campaigns. Through meticulous keyword research, daily bid adjustments, and relentless A/B testing of ad copy and landing pages, we ensure your text ads consistently rank at the top of Google and Bing results for priority commercial intent keywords in your niche. Our goal is simple: To create highly relevant, engaging search ads that connect with consumers ready to buy from you – then convert those clicks into sales.

Display Ads 

We strategically place banner and visual ads on industry websites, relevant blogs, and targeted content sites frequented by your ideal audiences. These ads capture attention and prompt awareness or consideration through coordinated messaging as visitors browse sites related to topics they already care about. Our display ads management expertise connects your brand to warm leads during their online content consumption journeys.

Retargeting and Remarketing 

Visitors slip through the cracks. To counter this, we implement remarketing pixels and custom audiences to re-engage users who previously visited your site or interacted with ads. By continually nurturing past traffic through tailored messaging on social, web display ads, email, and more, we surround hot leads with relevant touchpoints until they convert. Our personalized retargeting strategies persistently yet tactfully guide potential buyers down the funnel.

Why Choose Amadeus Consulting?

After reviewing the structured process we follow to drive ROI from PPC Campaigns, the question arises — why pick Amadeus Consulting as your Macon PPC agency over another firm or handle it in-house? Let us share a few key differentiators:

  • 15+ Years Of Experience in Macon: Launched to serve Macon back in 2008, we know this region and culture better than almost any other agency you’ll find. New PPC managers need to learn and adapt the best practices that work specifically for Macon.
  • Premier Google Partner: We maintain extensive certifications and performance thresholds across Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager, and other platforms as an elite Premier Partner agency. Less than 3% of agencies worldwide hold this status currently.
  • Battle-Tested Team: Each member of our team has 5+ years in managing profitable PPC campaigns. We’ve seen every curveball these platforms can throw over time and evolved smarter optimization, troubleshooting, and risk management skills that other companies lack.
  • Tailored Focus: We refuse blanket campaign templates reused for every client. Each new partnership kicks off with an in-depth analysis of your niche, offerings, and metrics to build fully custom strategies from the ground up. We assign you an Account Manager for continuity.
  • Stellar Reviews: A quick online search shows countless 5-star reviews from small businesses, franchises, funded startups, and national brands across Georgia praising our managed PPC advertising services resulting in dramatic growth and returns from day one.

We’ve included a few short client testimonials below as social proof. But don’t just take our word for it — we welcome you to speak with past clients to understand the impact our pay-per-click management had on their organizations.

Raving Reviews From Our PPC Management Clients

“Amadeus Consulting is the real deal… I was skeptical about PPC at first but a 2x increase in leads since hiring them made me a believer” – Steve O, ASC Logistics

“We have expanded to 3 locations in under 2 years because of the amazing amount of targeted phone calls and form fills their Google/Facebook Ads drive”- Aubrey W, Wildwood Kennels

“As a demanding client, I challenged this PPC marketing agency to back up their big talk. Well, call me impressed because our search engine ranks and social media conversions speak for themselves.” – Andrew G

“I have never had success with paid ads in the past with other agencies. Yet their Bing and Instagram efforts led to over 30 new clients last year” – Elise D, Rapid Tax Pros Macon

“We hired them exclusively for their digital advertising services and expertise running successful PPC ad campaigns. The quality and budget flexibility of their search ads, display, and remarketing programs simply can’t be beaten.” – Nora Seed 

We have dozens more positive reviews covering industries like healthcare, legal services, restaurants, retail, SaaS platforms, agencies, and non-profits. Each client starts seeing tangible growth and ROI once onboarding is completed — typically within 90 days.

Now let’s explore what next steps make sense for you to consider in your Macon search advertising.

Next Steps for a Successful Macon GA Online Advertising Campaign

We hope this overview clearly explains our data-driven approach to proven Macon PPC campaign management and the multitude of options available.

If you believe PPC will play a bigger role in driving targeted traffic, leads, and sales for your business, it’s time to take action now.

We recommend a few simple ways to get the ball rolling:

Schedule A Free PPC Audit!

The first logical step is having us conduct a 25-point audit of your existing PPC accounts covering technical health, account structure, performance by campaign/ad group, keyword research, quality score, conversion tracking, etc.

This effort takes 1-2 weeks depending on your account size and gives an impartial expert opinion on quick wins, longer-term opportunities, and what it would take to scale your accounts profitably. Email or call us to get started!

Fill Out The Contact Form!

Prefer a quick chat to discuss goals for your Macon business before jumping to an audit? Submit questions through our contact form clearly explaining your current situation, targets, and budget. This connects you directly with our Director of Growth for a 30-minute call.

Common Questions Our Digital Marketing Team Gets Asked

We get asked a number of common questions by Macon business owners interested in exploring professional PPC ads management. Here’s a brief sampling:

What does PPC campaign management cost on average? 

Campaign spending depends entirely on your niche, seasonality, goals, and other factors. Most clients allocate between $3,000 to $5,000 per month which is justified by the revenue driven. Our plans also scale up and down flexibly each month allowing you control over the pace of growth.

I already have Google/Facebook Ads running – can you still optimize them?

Absolutely! We have taken over for plenty of companies who had existing DIY campaigns or previous agencies handling them. Our auditing and strategy overhaul helps push performance even further through expansions into new platforms, advanced tactics, and addressing oversights.

How long does it take to see results from a new PPC campaign?

Unlike SEO, you can expect new visitors and conversions from day 1 when launching a PPC program. However, it takes 90 days on average to complete research, testing, and optimizations needed to maximize account potential. Plan for rapid scaling post that threshold.

Are there any long-term contracts to sign with your Macon agency?

No, we only partner on a transparent month-to-month basis so either party can adjust engagement scopes or walk away hassle-free if expectations aren’t met (which is exceptionally rare!).

We encourage you to visit our website blog for even more educational PPC content. And please reach out by email, phone, or through our site for the next steps in unlocking the potential of PPC to impact your Macon business in 2023.

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