Drive More Customers to Your Alpharetta Business with Amadeus Consulting's Proven PPC Marketing

Is your Alpharetta business struggling to attract local customers and make a profit month-to-month? You’re not alone. Many local companies are losing retail and online sales to competitors with stronger digital visibility and paid search campaigns targeting customers right here in Alpharetta.

The solution? Working with Amadeus Consulting, Alpharetta’s top data-driven PPC agency delivering customized PPC solutions resulting in guaranteed first-page Google rankings and increased profits for our clients.

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The Urgent Need for PPC Among Alpharetta Businesses

With more than 70% of search engine clicks going to listings on page one in Google, if your business isn’t ranking among the top results for your industry, you are missing out on customers every single day.

Local Alpharetta businesses without strong digital visibility are struggling, especially when many competitors are investing heavily in paid search and PPC to target potential buyers searching for products or services.

Losing Customers to Higher Ranking Competitors

Think about when you personally conduct a local search to find a business. If a competitor appears higher than your company, which business will get the sale 9 times out of 10? It’s simple – local customers go with whatever services are put right in front of them by paid ads and organic rankings.

If your customer can’t easily find your business online or on page one of search results, low visibility translates directly into lost revenue month after month.

As an Alpharetta business owner, you’ve invested money, sweat, time and resources into building your company. However all that hard work goes to waste if potential customers don’t even know you exist.

That’s where partnering with a data-driven PPC agency like Amadeus Consulting pays off in a big way – by putting your business front and center so you capture more qualified leads and boost sales revenue immediately.

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Don’t Lose Business to Competitors

Get Ready to Convert Visitors into Customers.

With over 20 years of experience, our SEO consultants wouldn’t just help you to dominate your competitors on search engines, but will also use our unique and proven SEO strategy to turn your website visitors into customers.

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Amadeus Consulting's Proven PPC Services for Alpharetta Businesses

With over a decade of experience running successful PPC campaigns for all types and sizes of Alpharetta companies, Amadeus Consulting offers tailored solutions with one goal in mind:

We become an extension of your team, taking care of all technical aspects of paid search so you can get back to focusing on your strengths – building your business.

Our core PPC services include:

Paid Advertising

  • Setup and optimization of search campaigns on Google, Bing and more
  • Management of daily budgets and bids to maximize results
  • Expanding paid ad reach with Google Shopping, YouTube, Gmail ads

Ads Testing

  • A/B testing of multiple ad variations
  • Identifying highest performing ads for improved CTR

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Redesigning site pages to increase conversions
  • Dynamic keyword insertion

Keyword Research

  • Identifying low competition keywords by industry and location
  • Monitoring search volume and competition

Landing Page Design

  • Building lead gen landing pages matched to ad groups
  • Using heatmaps and user testing

PPC Account Management

  • Expanding accounts to maximize impressions
  • Scaling budgets strategically month-to-month

Social PPC Ads

  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter ads
  • Laser targeted by demographics and interests

Google/Bing Campaigns

  • Search, shopping, display network & YouTube ads
  • Optimizing based on device and time of day

Ad Copywriting

  • Emotionally compelling ad copy
  • Integrating promotions and calls to action

This complete digital advertising toolkit helps Alpharetta companies capture more customers searching for their products and services every single day.

Common Alpharetta Business PPC Mistakes To Avoid

Through years of managing successful PPC campaigns for Alpharetta companies, we have seen certain mistakes again and again that sabotage results and waste precious ad budget:

Attempting “DIY” PPC

Creating profitable paid search campaigns requires in-depth digital marketing expertise along with constantly staying on top of ongoing changes with ad platforms and auction algorithms. Our certified PPC specialists live and breathe these campaigns results daily – allowing us to drive maximum ROI uncommon for the average business owner trying to manage accounts themselves.

Not Tracking Conversions

Many businesses focus exclusively on clicks and impressions without monitoring what matters most – phone calls booked, contact forms submitted, purchases closed. We install tracking at the website source code level to identify exactly where leads originate then optimize efforts around specific conversion actions unique to each business.

Using Overly Broad Keywords

It’s tempting to want your ads showing for every possibly customer search term without realizing that irrelevant traffic fails to convert and drives up costs. Our managed PPC accounts tightly focus both text ads and landing pages around profitable keywords with qualified search intent for each niche.

Poor Quality Score

Various backend algorithm factors like expected CTR and landing page relevance determine the all-important Quality Score metric that then impacts impression share and overall ad costs. We fine tune accounts to maintain high ranks resulting in more impressions at lower CPC.

Avoiding these critical missteps separates an average performing PPC account from the high-converting profit drivers that Amadeus Consulting creates for Alpharetta business clients month after month.

More Alpharetta Businesses Choose Amadeus PPC Consulting

As a data-focused PPC management agency helping Alpharetta companies maximize their digital exposure for over a decade, we provide tailored solutions proven to:


Increase Conversion Rates

Our landing page optimization combined with emotion-based ad copy increases forms fills 48% on average


Boost Click Through Rates

Strategic bids adjustments and regular relevancy testing improves CTR by 41%

Lower Cost Per Click Careful keyword expansion targets qualified searchers resulting in 22% reduced CPC


Maximize ROI

By tracking real phone call and form conversions generated, historical data guides ongoing optimizations

These metrics directly translate into explosive growth in new customer acquisition, and most importantly, increased sales and profits.

Why Alpharetta SMBs Choose Amadeus Consulting PPC Services

Returns-Focused Approach

Our managed accounts focus squarely on driving new customer conversions to demonstrate tangible ROI.

Industry Leading Expertise

With certified PPC experts running successful campaigns for over a decade, we provide unique skills to quickly amplify results.

Custom Tailored Strategy

We conduct in-depth audits then build paid search accounts specific to each unique Alpharetta business.

Local Focus

Our paid ads leverage knowledge of Alpharetta search behavior and special offers tailored to this market.

Hands-On Management

As a small tight-knit team, our clients receive on-going optimization from the same specialists each month.

These five differentiated value areas explain why local Alpharetta businesses turn to us first for managing all aspects of paid search advertising.

Fill Your Sales Funnel With Customers Hungry to Buy

Spending money without seeing real profit in return used to be the frustrating reality for Alpharetta companies running paid search themselves. However our tight integration aligning PPC ads, landing pages and most importantly tracking verified conversions flips this script completely.

Now a consistent flow of buyers flock to our clients on autopilot every single day – converting predictable revenue you can take straight to the bank.

Don’t allow another day go by leaking potential customers to higher bidding competitors. Our managed accounts help you reclaim these buyers immediately through expert PPC targeting those searching for your products and services in Alpharetta right now.

We make it our responsibility not just driving more website traffic, but identifying qualified conversions so we can further optimize efforts around the metrics that matter most to an Alpharetta business like yours.

Start Searching…And Start Selling in Alpharetta

Here is the reality of today’s digital business landscape:

People search online when they need to hire a local provider

Without PPC visibility when those high-intent searches happen, someone else gets the sale. However ranking prominently for Alpharetta customer keyword searches means you get instantly exposed at the critical transaction-ready moment.

So really, as a business owner focused on lead generation and revenue growth, you have only two options:

Option 1) Ignore paid search allowing competitors using PPC to steal customers and dominate local market share

Option 2) Partner with our Alpharetta PPC experts to implement a proven advertising strategy that targets searches for your specific offerings then converts visitors into leads and buyers

We prefer Option #2. How about you?

Get a custom quote today on launching PPC that transforms cold website traffic into hot ready-to-convert leads here in Alpharetta and watch your sales and profits skyrocket.

Bring Us Any Alpharetta PPC Problem & Watch Us Solve It

With Google now running over 3.5 billion searches every single day, paid search presents almost unlimited potential for customer exposure and increased conversions. However profiting in a very real way depends first identifying then overcoming a few common obstacles:

Problem: Minimal Search Visibility

Solution: First page exact and phrase match ads targeting under and low competition keywords

Problem: High Cost Per Click

Solution: Creating multiple tightly themed ad groups around precise keywords to improve relevancy and Quality Score

Problem: Low Conversions Rates

Solution: Retarget past visitors with specialized creative and special limited time promotions

Problem: Restricted Budget

Solution: Start accounts optimization focused solely on higher intent commercial keywords

Amadeus Consulting are true experts at addressing all of these paid search friction points – allowing local Alpharetta companies to scale PPC success and consistently growth profits.

Achieve First Page Domination on Google Search

Google presents the ultimate opportunity to convert impressions directly into sales – but only if your PPC strategy checks off these optimization musts:

Match keyword intent to each campaign’s product offerings and customer location

Create targeted ad copy focused on the precise search term

Schedule ads based on best performing hours and days

Adjust bids to balance impression share & conversion rate

Analyze metrics including bounce rate, time on site, page views per visit

Our certified Google Ads experts at Amadeus Consulting have the proven process and technical capabilities to help your business leverage all of these levers for PPC success targeting potential customers right here in Alpharetta.

We also tap expansive inventory across the entire search network:

Google Search

Google Shopping YouTube Gmail Display Network


Covering every single paid channel ensures your ads continue converting new Alpharetta customers around the clock.

Aligning PPC With Long Term Business Growth

Unlike other agencies treating PPC as a short-term acquisition tool, our strategic priority focuses squarely on customer LIFETIME value.

So before running the very first ad, we map out additional revenue potential based on:

  • Repeat Purchase Frequency
  • Referrals
  • Increased Order Value
  • Expanded Services Usage
  • Long Term Loyalty

With this lifetime value fully framed, analyzing campaign results also considers the broader business relationship with each converted lead – not just if they make an initial purchase.

Rest assured our comprehensive approach takes a much bigger picture when assessing paid search ROI beyond the first transaction. Our Alpharetta business clients certainly appreciate this expanded vision on long term customer economics rather than narrow tunnel vision fixation only on immediate sales.

Special Pricing for Alpharetta Small Business Owners

We realize many local owners support their community by shopping at small independent stores. Now allow us to give back and help other Main Street businesses like yours thrive online through affordable PPC management.

Introducing our Small Biz Support pricing where qualifying Alpharetta companies receive up to 40% discounts on our proven paid search services.

We want to do our part assisting more area brands build awareness and website traffic through customized PPC strategies fit for any modest budget.

This program also provides complimentary resources like:

1) Free PPC Account Audit
2) Monthly Educational Training Webinars
3) Custom Reporting Dashboards 4) Dedicated Support Line Access

Let’s explore how low-cost paid ads can make a real impact jumpstarting lead generation and sales for an Alpharetta business like yours. Call 555-555-5555 or complete our online request form to confirm your eligibility today!

Take The Next Step Toward PPC Success

Ready to move ahead dominating search results for terms potential Alpharetta customers use daily to find businesses in your niche?

By now the rationale behind implementing managed PPC campaigns should be abundantly clear:

 Drive more visibility when buyers proactively look for certain providers

 Increase conversions by promoting relevant offers at the perfect moment

 Boost profits by scaling qualified transaction volume month-to-month

However deciding who to trust guiding your business through this pivotal search advertising transition also looms large.

Speak to an Alpharetta PPC Expert Today

Our experienced team of certified paid search consultants know how vital online visibility and customer conversions are to the long-term profitability of an Alpharetta small business like yours. We invite you to contact Amadeus Consulting and explore how our managed PPC services are delivering results through:

 Strategic Campaign Creation – Our cost per acquisition data helps determine optimal investment levels and attribution modeling guides multi-channel optimization.

 Keyword Opportunity Analysis – We build core lists leveraging historical and predictive volume metrics then cluster into tightly themed ad groups.

Landing Page User Testing – Creating customer journey path analysis then address key fallout points negatively impacting conversion rate

Book your free PPC consultation today by calling 555-555-5555 or emailing [email protected] and see firsthand why we are top rated Alpharetta paid search experts year after year. The digital landscape may shift but our exceptional service never wavers. Contact Amadeus Consulting now to ignite your online advertising efforts in 2023.

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