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Ecommerce SEO: The Ultimate Guide (2022)

You have begun selling online and determining how to grow your e-commerce platform. Your product is impeccable, has created a well-defined business plan, and is getting sales. However, your e-commerce website traffic has started to plateau without gaining more organic traffic to your e-commerce website. Growing your e-commerce traffic will help with clicks into converts, increasing product sales. Our ultimate comprehensive guide to e-commerce SEO will assist in facilitating natural clicks to your product website to gain more sales. 

Understanding e-commerce basics

E-commerce is an online website for buying and selling goods. E-commerce businesses are increasing rapidly due to the progress of new technology. 

You already know that your ultimate goal is to increase your website’s sales and traffic. You just haven’t figured out exactly how to improve your sales. SEO tools and methodologies are a ticket to driving your e-commerce sales while increasing profitably. Having a clear guide to e-commerce SEO to drive website traffic will boost your sales.

Focus on your desired customer

As you design your e-commerce website platform, imagine your customer as someone virtually walking into your store. Begin envisioning your customers’ thoughts and write your website content and product descriptions directed towards your virtual customer. Developing your e-commerce platform focusing on the emotions of why your customer is seeking your product will help facilitate a sale. 

SEO fundamentals: understand your customers’ problems and utilize your products and services to help resolve their problems. 

As you create your desired customer in your head, your e-commerce platform will be smoother to control how you pitch sales and products directed towards your customers. 

 If you can picture who is clicking onto your e-commerce site, you can relate to their feelings, wants, and problems. Figuring out their emotions and needs will assist with pitching a sale more efficiently. Your customer will feel a bond between your site and products, causing them to stay longer on your site. The longer the extended time your customers remain on your e-commerce platform searching your products, search engine sites will monitor traffic duration and will reward you with a higher ranking on searches.

Utilize Keywords

Understanding how to construct SEO keywords will directly boost traffic to your e-commerce website. Use relevant keywords with higher search volumes and by using keyword tools. 

SEO keyword tools will help identify keywords to add to your article for more searches. Investing in keywords can be costly. If you have the time and energy, you can investigate the keywords needed to increase your website’s traffic. Below are a few free tools to help discover keywords to get started. 

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Generator
  • AnswerThePublic

These are the basic keyword generators. If you need more assistance, there are plenty of quality SEO tools you can purchase.

Analyze your competitor’s products

With today’s technology, new businesses can analyze their top competitor’s market. Taking the time to scroll through your competitor’s page and noticing the methodologies they use to increase sales will help your business. 

A few things to analyze while looking at the competitor’s page:

  • Does their website organically flow into each product?
  •  Understanding how they are selling products to consumers. How are they writing the descriptions of their products?
  • What type of images are they adding to their e-commerce platform?

These are just beginner thoughts to ask as you are analyzing their site. Investigating your competitor’s market will help you understand what you need to add to your platform. 

Utilize your Meta Headers

Meta headers help search engines understand your webpage content clearly and provide a summary of your topic. Employing your meta header is an extra SEO opportunity to add focused keywords by summarizing your website’s content in 50-60 characters. Utilize searchable target keywords in your titles. 

When you give helpful information and aid your consumers in utilizing meta headers, they are more likely to click on your website. 

Add visuals and utilize ALT-text

Build your website visually appealing to your consumer. If your e-commerce site is selling products, start adding visuals of potential uses of your products. Adding visuals of how you use your product helps customers understand the product better.

Alt-text goes hand in hand with your visuals. Alt-text is an SEO tool to add brief, clear descriptions of your images. It’s a tool assisting the visually impaired to describe the image to them. Favoring your website to be easily accessible for everyone will create a larger audience. Search engines will also reward your platform by increasing your rank on search pages. 

The goal of your product should be assessable for everybody and aiding in different tools to help everyone will help you.

Lower your website loading time

Keep the rate of your website low. Potential customers will click off your website due to slow lagging speeds if your website takes too long to load.

How to decrease lag times:

  • Optimize images by compressing the file formats
  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Minimize Style Sheets

Build relationships with relevant content 

Creating humanizing bonds with other creators and businesses helps gain greater trust in your product. Building bonds will produce more mentions via social media or linking to your website’s content. The more mentions your eCommerce site receives, the more faith your consumers will have in your product. Forming a natural bond with your customers will help you gain more confidence in your product converting clicks into sales.

Creating quality content for backlinks

Quality backlinks help give additional information on your business’s products and services. Ranking on a search engine with a whole page of products is time-consuming and tricky. 

Designing informational content for your products helps build other sites to link to your products via mentions. Longer, valuable, informative content helps consumers bring in more helpful information. 

 Think of ways to include quality informational content to build into your e-commerce page to gain more traffic and authority from other sites. 

Structure the flow of your website 

Verify that the front of your e-commerce page informs your customers of your services and products. Don’t confuse your potential customers with the service you provide. Utilize your target keyword on your product page.

The rule of thumb is always to have your website products be three clicks away from your home page. The goal is to allow your consumer to have easier access to your home page. The website will flow more naturally and easier for the consumer. 

Taking the time to understand the fundamentals of website architecture helps set a natural flow within your platform. 

Audit your e-commerce website

Pretend you are the customer on your website. Begin analyzing the flow of your website. Do the buttons take the customer where they should? Does the site look visually appealing?

The goal is to get more traffic to your e-commerce site to gain more online traffic to your online store.


Your e-commerce products and services are top-of-the-line. Occasionally consumers need more than a perfect product to be sold. Consumers are looking for trusted companies to create helpful content to help resolve their problems. 

The ultimate goal is to increase consumer views on your product page. Our ultimate e-commerce SEO guide helps you break down how to build your online store to grow an organic audience. Understanding how to engage your e-commerce site with search engines such as Google will reward your online store by increasing clicks into converts.

Our passion is empowering businesses to connect with customers and scale their digital presence. With strategic website building and SEO, we help companies expand their reach and grow their brand online. Let Amadeus Consulting build and optimize your website!

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