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At Mindflow Marketing, we recognize that your website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. An effective website that ranks highly and converts visitors drives business growth in today’s online landscape.

However, far too often, businesses put significant time, money, and effort into their website with lackluster results. Despite your best SEO attempts, your site generates little organic traffic, leads, and sales!

The problem likely isn’t that SEO doesn’t work, but rather that your current efforts have critical flaws and gaps holding you back. Without identifying these issues, you’ll continue wasting resources on ineffective SEO strategies.

This is where our comprehensive SEO audit services come in.

Zack | Business Owner

Zack | Business Owner

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Trusted Marketing Experts Providing Thorough SEO Audit Services Since 2005

With 15+ years of experience, Mindflow Marketing has conducted thousands of SEO audits for businesses across every major industry. From healthcare to retail, and finance to SaaS, our strategic organic search insights help companies of all sizes gain visibility and boost growth.

Our team of certified SEO experts takes an analytical and data-driven approach to audits. We identify technical issues, content gaps, backlink opportunities, and competitors rankings during our analysis.

You receive an in-depth audit report containing all our findings and an action plan for effective SEO implementation. We also provide consulting and SEO management services to ensure our recommendations drive results.

In short, our SEO audits provide an objective x-ray of your website’s health while prescribing proven treatments to reach your goals.

We stay ahead of constant algorithm updates through ongoing training and software investments. And we take pride in offering personalized service and attention to each client.

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We Follow A 5-Phase SEO Audit Process

We tailor each audit to your unique business after gaining a deep understanding during the discovery process. Our comprehensive auditing process covers five phases:

1. Discovery & Strategy Call

We schedule an intro call to learn about your organization, target audience, products/services, content strategy, goals, and challenges. This context allows us to craft an SEO audit tailored to your specific needs.
Key topics covered here include:

  • Background on your company history and offerings
  • Your ideal customer avatars and market landscape
  • Main products, services, and campaigns
  • Ongoing content production efforts
  • Target keywords and current SEO focus areas
  • Recent website updates or changes
  • Overall vision, business objectives, and pain points

With this solid foundation, our audit provides maximum relevance to your situation.

2. Technical SEO Audit

Our technical audit utilizes best-in-class SEO crawlers and tools to identify issues impacting your site’s infrastructure and performance. We dive deep into:

  • Site Architecture: Site indexation, duplicate content, proper page redirects
  • Page Speed: Page load speed benchmarks, image compression
  • Mobile Optimization: Mobile responsiveness, accelerated mobile pages
  • HTML Improvements: URL structure evaluation, proper header tag usage, alt text optimization, ideal site architecture

Technical issues like site errors, broken pages, and slow load times have a direct negative impact on rankings and visitor experience. Strategies for fixing them lay the proper foundation for lasting search engine results.

3. On-Page Optimization Audit

Our On-Page audit thoroughly analyzes your content to determine any SEO issues leading to missed opportunities. We examine your core On=page SEO elements including:

  • Title Tags & Meta Data: Relevancy to content, proper length guidelines, targeted use of focus keywords
  • Headings & Content: Header tag structure and hierarchy for SEO, ideal content length, readability
  • Image SEO: Use of alt text and title tags, image caption optimization
  • Internal Linking: Natural link equity flow, identifying orphaned pages lacking links

On-page factors like these heavily influence your search rankings, so we leave no stone unturned in our content audit.

4. Off-Page Optimization Audit

Our off-page audit examines the quality and quantity of external signals pointing to your site. We analyze:

  • Link Profile: Backlink quantity, quality, anchor text variety, and toxic link identification
  • Referring Domains: Evaluation of domain authority, relevancy to your industry, diversity of sources
  • Link Building Opportunities: Assessment of impactful linking options
  • Link Velocity: Analysis of current pace and gaps in acquisition efforts

Earning backlinks from reputable websites builds authority and influence rankings.

5. Competitive Benchmarking

Lasttly, We also conduct an in-depth analysis of your top 3-5 ranking competitors to identify optimization gaps:

  • Keyword Research: The terms they target vs. yours
  • Ranking Analysis: The specific pages and content driving their high rankings
  • Competitor’s Link audit: The link-building tactics and strategies working for them
  • Site Speed: Head-to-head page load time comparisons
  • Content Strategies: Topic clusters, length guidelines, multimedia use

Understanding both their strengths and weaknesses provides tremendous strategic insight for your own efforts. Our audit highlights your competitor gaps to inform your strategy.
Armed with the strong and deep data from our 5-phase audit, we prescribe targeted recommendations to boost your SEO visibility, traffic, and hence, conversions.

Our SEO Specialists Provide Extensive SEO Audit Reports & Other Deliverables

Our SEO audits provide tremendous value through actionable recommendations and leveraging our proprietary software.

50+ Page SEO Report

You receive a comprehensive, customized report containing:

  • Summary of your website’s current overall health and opportunities
  • Detailed technical SEO audit findings and recommendations
  • Thorough on-page optimization findings and advice
  • Complete off-page analysis and backlink profile audit
  • Competitor benchmarking insights and guidance
  • Traffic source analysis with a breakdown of channels
  • Expansive keyword research and gap analysis
  • Detailed priority-based recommendations with supporting data

We leave no stone unturned in our analysis and provide the data to back up our strategy recommendations. Our reports synthesize huge amounts of data into strategic insights.

Excel Spreadsheet & Prioritized Action Plan

Along with the robust audit report, you receive a sortable Excel spreadsheet containing every SEO recommendation broken down by priority:

  • Categorized between quick wins and long-term optimization plays
  • Provides clear instructions on steps to take for proper implementation
  • Allows you to sort by estimated effort required vs. expected business impact

This prevents great recommendations from being forgotten or lost in the details. Our spreadsheet turns audit insights into clear optimization actions.

Access to SEO Software & Audit Tools

We provide access to our robust keyword research tools and website auditing software during the analysis phase, when we analyze your website.

Our technology allows us to analyze massive datasets related to your site performance, competitors, and search trends in order to identify opportunities.

You receive logins and support for leveraging these powerful SEO tools moving forward to monitor progress. Our tools take the guesswork out of execution.

Custom Consulting & Recommendations

Throughout the audit, you can access our SEO experts for any questions. We also provide consulting on how to prioritize and implement recommendations post-audit.

Our strategists help construct a strategic optimization roadmap tailored to your resources and goals. We ensure you understand how to make the audit actionable for your business.


Our SEO Company Provides Ongoing SEO Marketing Services!

Conducting the audit is only step one – seamless execution is critical for driving results. That’s why we offer full-service SEO management and implementation post-audit.

Our experts handle monthly optimization based on the audit’s recommendations. This includes technical SEO fixes, content creation, link building, and detailed ranking tracking.

You receive scheduled calls to discuss strategy adjustments and progress. Dedicated account management ensures regular attention. And through in-depth analytics reporting, we quantify the audit’s business impact.

In short, we don’t hand off a website SEO audit and call it a day. Our team becomes an extension of yours, dedicated to execution that delivers tangible ROI. Our management services convert audits into reality.

We Also Provide SEO Management & Implementation Services

After the audit, we provide ongoing SEO management services to ensure lasting success. This includes:

Monthly Website SEO Implementation

We handle monthly optimization tasks from the audit, including:

  • Technical SEO fixes
  • New content creation
  • Backlink outreach and acquisition
  • Ranking report delivery

This takes the workload off your plate.

Ongoing Strategy Calls

We schedule monthly calls with your team to discuss:

  • Audit recommendation progress
  • New rankings and organic traffic data
  • Emerging keywords and competitor monitoring
  • Potential strategy adjustments

This collaboration ensures we build on momentum.

Detailed Analytics Reporting

On a quarterly basis, we provide:

  • Ranking reports for target keywords
  • Organic traffic analytics across sources
  • Lead and sales conversion tracking
  • ROI reporting on SEO efforts

Quantifiable results keep everyone aligned.

Dedicated Account Manager

An account manager is assigned to your business for:

  • Ongoing recommendations
  • Campaign optimization
  • Rapid response to requests

You get the convenience of a go-to SEO point of contact.

Trusted by Leading Companies for Expert Audits

We’ve conducted thousands of successful SEO audits over the past 15 years across every major industry, including:

  • Healthcare We increased lead generation by over 90% for ProSource, a national B2B healthcare product retailer, by identifying major technical issues through an SEO audit. We then managed ongoing optimization and reporting, leading to record website traffic and sales.
  • Real Estate Cardinal Real Estate, a boutique residential brokerage, leveraged our audit recommendations to increase organic traffic by 215% and double their leads within 9 months. We revealed missed keywords and content gaps for their geographic market.
  • Legal Services Our audit for Reagan, Flynn & Phillips Law identified technical errors hampering their local rankings. By fixing these issues and launching a content strategy, we helped increase their site traffic by 342% and double their case inquiries.
  • Ecommerce Ocean Zen, an online retailer for mindfulness products, used our audit insights to revamp their technical SEO and content strategy. As a result, they now consistently rank #1 for core revenue-driving keywords in a highly competitive space.
  • SaaS Through an extensive audit, we helped Taxometry, a SMB accounting platform, realize a 257% increase in free trial sign-ups by identifying and closing numerous on-page and backlink acquisition gaps compared to competitors.

The proof is in the results – our SEO audits consistently deliver tangible business growth when paired with disciplined execution. We walk the walk when it comes to ROI across every industry.

Flexible Pricing for Any Budget

We offer tailored SEO audit pricing to suit companies of all sizes and needs. Our packages include:

Starter Audit

Perfect for new sites. Includes technical/on-page audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, and a 20 page report.

Pro Audit

Our most popular option. Includes everything in Starter plus backlink/traffic analysis, local SEO factors, and a 50 page report.

Enterprise Audit

For large ecommerce sites. Expanded keyword research, in-depth analytics audit, 70+ page report, and custom recommendations.

Accelerated and International Audits

Price Varies
We offer expedited and expanded international SEO audits tailored to your site and goals with accelerated timelines.

Custom Consulting

Price Varies
Have unique needs? We provide custom quotes for one-off consulting or ongoing management post-audit.

Don’t Overlook The Importance Of SEO Audit – Invest In Your Website’s Future Success Today

If you want to take your website to the next level, a professional SEO audit is the place to start.

There’s simply no better way to objectively evaluate your site’s current health, uncover hidden issues hampering performance, and create an actionable plan for improvement.

Sure, you can continue taking guesses at problems and making fragmented optimization efforts. But that’s unlikely to deliver lasting results or align with business goals.

By partnering with our experienced SEO team for a comprehensive audit, you get unbiased insights from certified experts who live and breathe SEO every day.
Request a free proposal today for a custom quote on our SEO auditing and management services!

Our team makes it easy to get started and see rapid results. Let us review your site’s unique situation and craft a high-impact gameplan tailored to your goals.
The first step is yours – contact us today and take a step ahead to transform your growth!

FAQs On Our SEO Audit Services

What actually is an SEO audit service?

An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website to identify opportunities to improve your rankings on major search engines like Google. It evaluates both on-page SEO and off-page SEO factors to provide strategic recommendations.

Why do I need a Search Engine Optimization audit?

Without an objective analysis, it’s impossible to identify issues holding your rankings back. Even sites with solid efforts have blindspots an audit can uncover. It provides a blueprint to maximize results.

How long does it take?

Our standard audit takes 4-6 weeks. We can provide expedited 2-week audits taking an additional fee.

What is the deliverable?

You receive a 50+ page report, a spreadsheet of recommendations to improve organic search performance, and consulting on SEO implementation.

How much does an SEO site audit cost?

Our pricing starts at $1,997 for smaller sites and increases based on site size and complexity.

Do you handle SEO implementation?

Yes, we offer full-service SEO management after the audit. This ensures our recommendations fully convert into the results.

How often should we do an audit?

We recommend auditing your site at least once per year. As algorithms change rapidly, regular check-ups ensure you catch any new issues early and then follow the best practices.

What tools do you use?

We leverage best-in-class auditing software, keyword tools, and proprietary crawling technology to uncover any missed opportunities.

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