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As a full-service digital agency based in Marietta, Georgia, Amadeus Consulting brings over 15 years of combined expertise helping small and medium businesses in the local area build an online presence, attract more customers, and consistently rank on the first page of Google through our data-driven web design, SEO, and digital marketing services. Unlike other agencies that take a one-size-fits-all approach, Amadeus Consulting takes the time to understand each client’s unique objectives, challenges, target customer base, competitors, and industry to create fully customized solutions leading to guaranteed first-page Google rankings and revenue growth within 6 months.
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Why is Good Website Design and SEO So Vital for Business Growth in Marietta?

In today’s digital landscape, simply having any website is no longer enough. With 93% of online activity focused on search engines and over 72% of customers refusing to even consider businesses without strong online presence, inferior website design and lack of search optimization can cause Marietta companies to permanently lose countless potential customers daily to competitors ranking higher in Google and other search engines.

Outdated website platforms with poor responsive design drive away 66% of visitors – website design is critical for optimizing user experience to convert traffic into sales. Weak branding, content, calls-to-actions also contribute to high bounce rates that minimize lead capture potential.

Effective web design integrates seamlessly with expert search engine optimization. While quality traffic means nothing if sent to a company’s website not designed for maximum conversions, even the best designed site lacks visitors without strategic organic search rankings and local SEO authority signals directing Marietta’s searching prospects to your online properties.

This interdependency is precisely why Amadeus Consulting offers integrated digital solutions addressing both website design and SEO needs for holistic business growth. By leveraging modern web design tailored to your target customer behavior paired with our proven search ranking methodologies, we guarantee Marietta companies first-page dominance within just 6 months – unlocking new local leads, sales and profits fully optimized based around your unique business needs and goals.

Web Design and SEO Services

Transform Your Online Presence with Proven Web Experts

For over 15 years, we’ve fueled sustainable revenue and growth for hundreds of businesses – now let our team do the same for you. Our customized web solutions combine targeted SEO, high-converting designs, and development strategies fine-tuned to turn visitors into customers.

See for yourself – schedule a free strategy session with one of our SEO experts. We’ll diagnose your current setup, identify untapped opportunities, and provide science-backed recommendations to increase leads and sales. There’s no risk or obligations. Let’s talk and take the first step toward dominating online.

Schedule a Complimentary SEO Strategy Session

Web Design Services Tailored Specifically for Marietta Small Businesses

In today’s digital world, the first impression of your business begins with your website design. An outdated, slow-loading website filled with weak content can instantly turn away over 55% of visitors, making you lose potential customers daily to competitors with better designed, optimized sites.

Our web design services provide Marietta small businesses the solutions to not just have an online presence, but dominate the local market by outranking competitors on Google’s first page.

Responsive Web Design Optimized for All Devices

Over 60% of web traffic now comes from mobile devices. If your website is not responsive (i.e. automatically resizes across all devices), you are losing the majority of potential customers.

Our expert Marietta web designers build 100% responsive websites tailored to rank across desktop and mobile, leading to an instant increase in qualified traffic.

Custom Web Design Crafted Around Your Marietta Customers

Rather than using pre-made templates like amateur designers, Amadeus Consulting’s Marietta website developers hand-craft unique designs focused on your target user experience. This leads to higher engagement and conversions.

We optimize every element for maximum web design impact, from visual hierarchy to calls-to-action placement based on your customer journey patterns and behavior flow. The result is a boost in leads and sales from your website alone.

Website Design

Seamlessly Integrated Web Development for Scalability

As your Marietta business grows over time, how scalable is your current website? Will your web developer charge you each time you need updates or new features?

Our web development pairs seamlessly with web design as one cohesive solution. Whether launching a startup or established small business, our sites utilize future-proof web development so you can easily build upon your online presence over time without ongoing expensive costs.

Additional Web Design Services for Turnkey Website Success

  • SEO Content Writing: Expert Marietta copywriters tailored for both visitors and search engine optimization
  • Graphic Design: Logos, images, infographics, visual content that captivates your audience
  • Product Photography: Showcase your products, food, services in the best possible way
  • Video Production: Tell your brand’s story to connect on a deeper level with customers
  • Web Hosting: Fast loading speed and 99.9% uptime reliability from $15/month

SEO Services to Dominate Local Marietta Search Rankings

As a full-service Marietta SEO company with over 460 five-star Google reviews, Amadeus Consulting leverages the most advanced data-driven SEO solutions to guarantee all our clients reach first-page Google rankings within 6 months – or we refund 100% of your investment.

This leads to highly qualified organic website traffic that converts into new local customers and more revenue for your Marietta small business.


Keyword Focused SEO for Marietta Relevance

Rather than general SEO tactics, our Local Marietta SEO Experts perform in-depth keyword research to identify high-intent search terms specifically targeted customers are already using to find your products and service offerings in the Marietta area.

We develop pages that naturally incorporate your most valuable 2-3 word keyword phrases, optimizing the content for both search engine bots and engaging visitors.

Technical SEO for Page 1 Rankings

Google’s algorithm weighs over 200+ ranking factors covering technical site elements like structured data markup, site speed, responsiveness, security protocols and more.

Our Marietta SEO specialists implement the latest technical optimizations proven to increase local search visibility and outperform competitors lacking these best practices.

Links Building for Local SEO Authority

The more quality external websites linking back to your site signals authority on a topic to Google. Our experts secure Marietta relevant guest post, web 2.0, directory and other backlinks to fortify your website’s domain authority to reach page 1.

We also perform competitor backlink audits to exploit their unlinked brand/product mentions for our client’s benefit.

Digital Marketing Services That Expand Your Marietta Online Presence

While SEO and web design form the foundation of long-term inbound marketing, Amadeus Consulting also offers full-service digital marketing services highly targeted around delivering more Marietta customers to small business owners each month.

This expands your overall online footprint and positions your brand as the market leader within 6-12 months.

Pay-Per-Click Ads Pinpointed to Marietta Visitors

Well-optimized Google/Bing PPC ads only show to people searching for your services within Marietta, driving hyper-targeted visitors straight to your site. Our tested high-converting ad copy and landing pages turn this traffic into sales.

We manage daily budgets and maximize your ROI down to the penny while you scale up effortlessly.

Social Media Marketing Content Marietta Locals Love to Share

Our Marietta social media managers understand exactly how to craft engaging Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn content tailored to your brand that sparks authentic engagement and community conversations from local customers.

This expands your organic reach and referral traffic. We also run hyperlocal promotions and re-targeting ads to website traffic to increase conversions.

Reviews & Reputation Management You Can Trust

Negative online reviews and scam sites unfairly trashing hardworking Marietta businesses keep countless customers away each month. We implement proven review generation and reputation management solutions to regain control of how prospects perceive your brand both locally and online.

This minimizes reputation damage before it costs you real business – and turns happy customers into authentic advocates.

Why Small Businesses In Marietta Choose Amadeus Consulting

With over 15 years of verified SEO, web design and digital marketing results specifically helping small and medium businesses in Marietta earn more local customers, revenue and first-page Google rankings, Amadeus Consulting is the trusted full-service agency giving you an unfair advantage over competitors.

Unmatched Track Record with 150+ Marietta Businesses

We have worked with companies throughout every industry in the Marietta area, from restaurants and skilled trades to professional services and medical. This expansive experience allows us to create tailored solutions serving your specific goals.

Fully Customized Marietta-Focused Campaigns

While inferior agencies recycle generic SEO and marketing strategies not optimized for Marietta searches and users, our experts develop solutions aligned to your target customer personas, messaging, competition benchmarks and objectives.

This hyper-focused approach is why our clients consistently earn industry-leading ROI from our campaigns month after month.

Ongoing Optimization & Support For Sustained Growth

We provide complete transparency into your key metrics with monthly reporting to showcase campaign progress. As market conditions evolve in Marietta, we continually test and refine strategies to guarantee you sustain top rankings, traffic and conversion growth for the long-term.

Have an urgent question or roadblock? Contact our Marietta office directly and immediately get hands-on support from our experts.

150% ROI Commitment on All Campaigns

We stand so firmly behind our solutions that we guarantee you will earn positive return from our services month-over-month. If you ever fail to receive 150% ROI on any given month, we refund the difference no questions asked.

You only pay for success with real Marietta customers and revenue.

Book us Today!

If you are a small or medium sized business located in Marietta seeking to boost your website visibility, local SEM rankings, website design conversion rates, customer engagement and revenue growth this year, contact Amadeus Consulting today for a free 1-hour consultation with one of our Marietta marketing experts.

Our fully customized SEO, web design and digital marketing solutions designed specifically around your Marietta customers and ideal clients will guarantee you achieve first-page Google rankings, unlock new qualified Marietta website traffic, and consistently grow monthly profits week-over-week unlike ever before.

We serve Marietta and all surrounding cities in Cobb, Cherokee and Paulding County.

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