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At Mindflow Marketing, we have 15 years of WordPress experience optimizing and securing WordPress websites. We know how dangerous and costly malware can be for your business. That’s why we provide rapid, guaranteed WordPress malware removal services to restore your site’s security.

A hacked WordPress site can lead to blacklisting, lost traffic, stolen customer data, and serious damage to your brand’s reputation. But most website cleanup services just mask the symptoms without fully eliminating the root infections. We take a completely different approach.

Our certified WordPress security experts thoroughly clean, fix, and protect your site using proven malware removal techniques developed over thousands of successful cleanups.

Zack | Business Owner

Zack | Business Owner

“Really good. Amadeus Consulting has completely surpassed our expectations.”

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Stop Losing Money to WordPress Malware - Our WordPress Malware Scanner Will Fix It Fast!

Hackers are constantly evolving new forms of complex infections designed specifically to evade basic detection. Our advanced scanners identify and eliminate even deeply embedded malware that other scanners would miss.

When you request our service, we immediately start analyzing any issue on your WordPress website installation to find and eradicate:

  • Infected files, themes, and plugins
  • Hidden backdoors for repeat attacks
  • Malicious redirects and cloaked spam links
  • Code injections for stealing data
  • Modifications to wp-config, .htaccess and key directories
  • Any vulnerabilities that enable future hacks

We manually inspect critical directories, configs, and the database to catch and clean malware, most removal services do not clean. We leave no stone unturned to completely remove every trace of malware from your website!

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Our Multi-Layer Process Eliminates WordPress Malware and Hardens Your Website

After thoroughly scanning and malware cleanup of your WordPress site, we further strengthen its security to prevent future malware attacks:

  • Installing and configuring security plugin for real-time threat detection
  • Strengthening all WordPress user passwords and closing backdoor access points
  • Tightening file permissions across your installation
  • Adding extra layers like login limits, two-factor authentication, firewalls, and more based on your specific needs

Our hardening and reinforcement process uses proven techniques perfected over 15 years of battling WordPress malware. We ensure your site is locked down and resilient against the latest infection tactics.

We Remove Blacklisting and Restore Your Search Rankings

Getting blacklisted by Google or other search engines is one of the biggest risks of a malware attack, often severely damaging search rankings. Our malware removal service includes thoroughly checking all major blacklists like Google, Bing, Yandex, Norton and more to see if your site is listed.

If we find any blacklisting, we immediately submit delisting requests backed by proof that your site is completely clean and malware-free after our cleanup process. We follow up regularly with the blacklist companies to ensure your site is removed as quickly as possible.

We Optimize Your Database and Remove Spam Links

Our comprehensive cleanup service goes beyond just malware removal. We also optimize your WordPress database by cleaning up bloated tables, removing duplicated or stale data, and improving overall performance.

In addition, we meticulously remove any spam links and redirects inserted into your content or menus by the malware. This helps restore your site’s integrity and improves SEO by eliminating malicious links.

Ongoing Monitoring Keeps Your Site Proactively Protected

Best of all, we provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance to keep your WordPress site safe after cleaning it up. Our expert team proactively checks for emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and blacklist notifications.

We help ensure any malware reinfections are caught immediately before they cause harm. Regular blacklisting checks ensure you stay off Google and other search engine blacklists.

With continuous site hardening and threat monitoring, we have your back covered with complete malware protection long after the initial cleanup.

Why You Should Choose Our WordPress Malware Scanner?

  • WP Specialists: With over 15 years of WordPress experience, our team are experts in website security and malware cleanup. We have mastered security techniques to resolve every issue on your WordPress site.
  • Precision Removal Guarantee: We guarantee 100% removal of all malware infections through detailed analysis of your website files to make sure we catch every issue. Our WordPress expertise ensures your hacked website is fully repaired.
  • Complete Hardening: We secure your site against future attacks by analyzing all files to ensure complete malware removal. We also implement proven security techniques because hackers often leave backdoors.
  • Ongoing Support: Take advantage of our WordPress experience by choosing ongoing support. We closely monitor your site to detect infections and perform updates to stop future hacks.
  • Transparent Pricing: We provide customized quotes upfront based on your site’s needs, with no hidden fees. Our pricing is specially tailored for complete website malware removal.
  • Rave Reviews: With thousands of 5-star reviews, clients highly recommend us for guaranteed WordPress malware removal and site hardening. We deliver the best WordPress security service.

Our WordPress Malware Removal Service Packages – Fits Every Budget

We offer customizable packages to fit your specific needs and budget:

Emergency Single-Site Cleanup

A one-time malware removal and hardening of your hacked WordPress site. Perfect if you only need immediate cleanup and security restoration.

Ongoing Protection for Single Sites

Continuous malware monitoring, threat detection, and removal for complete peace of mind. Our experts keep your site safe 24/7.

Ultimate Package for Multiple Sites

Our flagship package offering continuous malware scanning, elimination, and security enforcement for unlimited WordPress sites. Best value for protecting all your properties.

Our Case Studies

Case Study 1

California Homes, a real estate company managing over 50 rental properties, was hit by a major malware attack that impacted their entire network of WordPress sites. Hackers had injected malware into listing pages that forwarded users to phishing and spam sites. Their main site was blacklisted by Google.

With our security and malware cleanup techniques, We worked swiftly, cleaning infections across their entire multi-site network in just 72 hours. By completely removing malware, securing configs, restoring blacklisting status, and implementing ongoing threat monitoring, we successfully recovered their traffic and leads within 3 weeks.

Case Study 2

ShopNatural, a popular eco-friendly ecommerce store, was hacked right before Black Friday, their biggest sales season. Malicious redirects had reduced conversion rates by over 60%. The malware was complex and evaded basic detection.

Our team worked 24/7 to completely eliminate the advanced malware, secure every loophole, and get the site restored in time for the holiday shopping frenzy. Within 5 days, the site was clean and ShopNatural went on to have their best-ever Cyber Monday sales.

Get a Free Malware Scan and Protection Assessment!

If your WordPress website has been hacked, take advantage of our experience and contact us for a free malware scan and customized quote. Our friendly security experts are available 24 hours, and will thoroughly assess your site, identify any infections, and provide expert recommendations to get it cleaned up and protected with no further obligations.

The free consultation takes less than 15 minutes, with absolutely no risk or commitments. You have nothing to lose and a safer, faster site to gain!

Call Our WP Security Experts Now for Help With:

  • Complete malware cleanup service
  • Fixing blacklisting in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  • Ongoing site hardening and threat monitoring
  • WordPress website audits and protection advice
  • Emergency cleanup of hacked sites
  • Any other WordPress security and performance issue!

Get your free malware scan and quote today! Our team is standing by 24/7 to diagnose your site’s infections and provide rapid solutions.


How long does it take to clean a hacked WordPress site?

We know downtime costs you money, so we work quickly without compromising quality. Most cleanups are resolved within 24-48 hours. For emergencies, our security experts can get started immediately and work around the clock to clean your hacked site as fast as possible.

What is your malware removal process?

When a removal request is submitted, our support team manually analyzes files, plugins, URLs, and the database to identify malicious files. We carefully clean infected elements, remove backdoors, strengthen security configs, and implement hack cleanup techniques tailored to your site.

How do I know my site is fully cleared of malware?

We provide a detailed report showing all infections removed, security steps taken, and confirmation that your site is clean. Our 100% guarantee means we’ll keep working until all issues are resolved. Even after, our support is available 24/7 in case any new problems arise.

Why should I choose your WordPress security service over other providers?

Our team specializes exclusively in WordPress security and malware removal. With deep WordPress expertise, we can remove complex infections other providers miss. We manually optimize security configs like .htaccess instead of just using automated plugins. Our personalized service ensures your site is completely and safely cleaned.

Leave Your Website To Our WordPress Security Experts!

With over 15 years of experience, Mindflow Marketing’s team truly are WordPress security experts you can trust. Our 5-star reputation is built on total malware removal, transparent pricing, and proven results for every client.

Don’t wait – contact us now to restore your WordPress site’s security and performance!

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